Why Blog? My Blog

True there are a gazillion blogs out there, so why join the fray?

First:  I blog surf predominantly for inspiration, motivation and ideas. I have many favored sites, and will get lists of these up soon.  Machine embroidery is one of my new passions.  I love the projects, designs and instructions available on the vendor sites.  However, I’ve found little in the way of sites that are not vendor owned. I’ve found a few discussion boards, forums or yahoo lists – generally the type where someone posts a question and you see an answer 6 months later.  Besides, with the ease of viewing images and text within blogs and social networks, I find those venues extremely tedious. Back in the day when they were all that was available, I was pretty active in the craft, gardening and collage art forums. But today, their clumsiness and lack of ease just annoys me.

Second:  With the time for Handmade Christmas considerations upon us, I’ve been blog and web surfing more.  Time is a restricted commodity for me.  I work full time in a field far removed from handcraft. I am delighted that there are so many mommies out there that adore their children and create and market beautiful things for them or others children. But for those of us whose family and friends are not in a child rearing space but focused to late teen through adult, blog and web surfing has become a mind-numbing effort to dig past the profusion of mommy blogs and find blogs discussing the projects that captivate us.  Appears we’re a minority with a profound need to be represented. (Update 2016 – new baby in the family and I’ve joined the “isn’t this just the cutest thing?” fray – rest assured, I’ll still be making things for adults as well). 

And third:  I use Facebook primarily as a space to connect and share with family that is spread across the U.S. and globe.  I don’t want to open this space up “to the world” at large, but would like to have a space for sharing and discussing interests with like minded souls.  Thus, the origin of my new blog.

My Blog

In initiating this endeavor, I’m reminded of Disney’s Aladdin where Robin Williams first makes his appearance as the Genie. He does a witty impression of William Buckley Jr. in declaring his quid pro quo’s.  Mentioned in my About page – my focus is an optimistic approach.  I promise I won’t discuss downers, depressing topics, my own or my family’s physical maladies, problems or causes. There are many who feel more connected doing so.  As Seinfield said “not that there’s anything wrong with that”, just not here. The web and blog-o-sphere abound with places for people to discuss their physical and mental challenges or their favorite causes.

My Quid Pro Quo’s

  • I’ll apologize now for my actions.  I’ll delete comments and won’t link blogs that wander into this milieu.  My only exceptions to this pledge are that I will:
    • discuss and show any new projects I’m working on to donate and may mention/link the charity name.  I will not lecture or expound on its benefits.
    • I’m not a fan of heated debate, know many who live for that challenge, but – hey this is my blog, anyone needing that style discourse may create their own. Religion and Politics are off topic here and will be deleted.
  • I appreciate that everyone’s first accountability is to support themselves and their families, so this also falls in the “not that there’s anything wrong with that” category but I hate ads. It’s getting harder and harder with some sites to navigate the ads and find the post you’d hoped to read.  I have ventured into being an affiliate, so there will be links to items I really do use and buy.  I will generally not link folks to blogs that are heavily laden with ads. I will delete comments that are more an ad than a comment on the post.  However, those who comment may link back to their own site/blog where they sell. Some years I pay WordPress to have an ad free blog and some I don’t. If their ads ever seem “in your face” -please take a screen shot and send it to me and I’ll reconsider if I haven’t opted for ad free that season.
  • My other pet peeves are sites where music automatically begins blaring (lap kitties who are not declawed can damage one when startled by this).  Besides, I’ve generally got my own music playing; a blog or web adding to it becomes headachy noise.  I’m astounded by how many small businesses clutter their space with animations, auto play videos and music. As soon as I identify the culprit window – it’s closed.  I must already know a site has something I strongly desire if I’m going to get past any of those 3.  If you are a fan of those, so be it.  But, my blog/my links are a reflection of me and my tastes, so I won’t link to these on my blogrolls/favorite links.
    •   I am one of those on limited bandwidth.  I love my home in the mountains, but cable is not available here and the satellite connection leaves much to be desired. Music, ads, videos – chew up my available allotment of bits and bytes – not a good thing.

My Commitment

This blog is set to a haven – a protected safe space to share projects, creative ideas and interests.  Where a post involves craft, I intend it to be more of a photo essay where you can scan the pictures to glean ideas and information.  I’ve been insanely busy lately, so the initial postings will all be rather simple projects.  That may evolve.

Don’t be intimidated by the quid pro quo’s above, I would love your on topic questions, comments and discussion.

6 comments on “Why Blog? My Blog

  1. Hello Maggie,
    Happened upon your blog and thought I’d stop in a bit to say that I too have only recently begun blogging about my sewing adventures. Mostly to push me to start and finish some projects in my newly re-awakened passion for the craft. The world of blogging itself has only just opened up for me and information overload is an understatement. Yet I feel drawn into the world more hours than I spend sewing. I, like you, have children in the teenage years and beyond and much as I love all the little children’s clothing I lack the little one’s to sew for. I do however have some young nieces that may become recipients of a piece or two.
    All the best to you in your new adventure. I’ll stop in from time to time to visit and see what you’ve been up to.

  2. Maggie says:

    Hi Bonnie – Thanks for stopping by!

    I don’t actually have teens myself, they’re neices, nephews and honorary god children. I completely understand the hope that needing something to blog about might nudge us into finishing more projects in a timely manner combined with the fear that if we never venture off the web, nothing will be done. Right now I’m telling myself that it takes time to set up and launch a blog and that the time commitment will be less soon.

    • Thanks too for stopping by my small space on the web. I also prefer some private areas of my life even though they are located in cyberspace but I’m quite enjoying the openness of this venue as well. Have fun in your linen closet. I’ll be turning down the sheets while you look through yours. I live on almost the other side of the country and in another one to be more exact. It’s well past midnight here.

  3. Kathryn Mudrovich says:

    I am so glad I found your blog from a post on an embroidery yahoo group. Your photos are amazing, your gardens are to be envied, and your embroidery and craft projects are an inspiration.
    I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of your posts….and drank 2 cups of coffee while perusing…..yet still cannot imagine that I would ever have the energy or creativity to accomplish all that you do. You Go Girl !!! I do have one question though….in one post you had mentioned a restaurant that served the best Crème Brulee, and said that they had shared the recipe, and that you were going to ask their permission to share recipe on your blog……did I miss it…or do they prefer you don’t share it?
    Thanks for making my day with this wonderful blog !!!

    • Maggie says:

      You know Kathryn – it was ok to share and I have no idea where I put that recipes – I know it ws a LOT of eggs (maybe 8?) and cream. I’ll have to do some digging to find it. Didn’t post as I didn’t make it on a day when I took pics.

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