Manifesting a deceptive illusion

I’m looking at my blog posts and planned holiday posts and realizing that my little blog may be manifesting a deceptive illusion.  I’m not normally a disciple of cute.  It appears holidays bring out the kid in me and that kid likes cute.  Not drippingly cute like a Sunbonnet Sue, but still pretty charming.  This even applies to much of my Halloween / All Hallow’s Eve/Samhain decor.  This project may be as old as Methuselah, yet each of the images on these little squares still makes me smile.

I don’t care for the really gross stuff like bloody fingers cakes. Bloody body parts make me a tad queasy – I even turn the channel when the news starts showing folks receiving flu shots. I can’t watch horror movies or read novels in that genre (but give me a good, not even close to real life fantasy sci-fi and I’m a happy camper).

This post is a quick recap of something put together quite awhile back. It’s another sooo simple to do craft.  Get foamie sheets, backing fabric, topping fabric with images to highlight, craft wire, buttons, optional raffia or ribbon for ties and spray adhesive (like 3M™ Super 77 Spray Adhesive).  Small ones can be used to make pins, medium to larger ones make great ornaments. Works for any holiday if you have the right fabric. I stuck my finished ornaments on a black tulle covered grapevine wreath (and I have to move that long bottom one to the side, but want to get this posted). Tip – wash, dry and iron your fabric. Then cut. Make your backing fabric same size as foamie sheets – cut the images for the top a little larger so you can trim them in for finishing.  

The most difficult part is getting your fabric smoothly onto the foamie sheet.  My friend Chris and I experimented with alternatives to help (Mod Podge the fabric first to stiffen it and so forth) but they didn’t work at all for me. Spread out newspapers – any spray will give you overspray.  Better yet, work outdoors or in the garage if you can. Spray the foamie sheet to completely cover with glue.  Smooth on the backing fabric.  Easiest if you let that dry before moving on. Go back and spray the top, arrange as many images as will fit and allow that to completely dry. I finished mine with a light coating of spray glitter.

I cut mine out with my pinking shears. Wrapped the black craft wire around a pencil, used a large sharp needle with button held in place at the top corner to make holes and strung the wire through the foamie plus button to attach it to both top corners.  I then added a raffia bows to each one.

You can see a bit of peeling on a few of my pictures, but these are at least 8 years old so they’ve held up pretty well.  If the “cute” bug has bitten you this Halloween, venture on over to Vintage Holiday Crafts for free charming vintage images you can download. Print them on fabric to make these foamies and you’re all set.      

4 comments on “Manifesting a deceptive illusion

  1. Cindy Adkins says:

    Oh this is adorable!!! Where do you get foamy sheets? I haven’t heard of them…This is a precious wreath–I’m like you–I only like the “cute” Halloween stuff. Have a great day!!

  2. Chris Duncan says:

    Wow! A mention on your blog – how cool is that?! 🙂 I wish I had put buttons on mine – I like the look a lot better. Think I might re-do that part…next year. lol

    • Maggie says:

      Hey – if it isn’t my best crafting buddy (and enabler in the crafting supplies realm) – good to see you! Our collaborations/discussions on techniques and fabric matches keeps me going. Thanks for stopping by,

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