Halloween Happy Crap

I have a friend who calls chotskys and those thing picked up on vacation “happy crap”.  I like the expression for the nod it gives to those small things that make us smile.  I can be very very particular about my happy crap, don’t let the name fool you.  Just any old crap doesn’t make the cut.

Unpacking my hodge podge of things I’ve made or purchased over the years is an opportunity to discover my little treasures anew. 

My Halloween runners are one of these items.  The fabric was a find at JoAnns.  But, it had none of my requisite glitter and sparkle. So, before I could do anything else, I got out my fabric glitter paint. (tip: you don’t have to get fabric paint, just have one handy dandy tube of textile medium to add to your paint so that it dries with a better “hand” (feel) on the fabric – i.e. not stiff as a board like acrylic normally would).

On the pumpkin, I just sparkled up his eyes and mouth.

For the witches I hit most of the shaded areas on their hats and clothes. I didn’t want to cover everything, but just wanted a bit of glimmer.  The runners themselves were just the long center strip of these images with a patterned border on all four sides, medium weight interfacing for the inside and a Halloween pattern on the back. Very simple to sew.

I snagged these wood craft to paint items at an after the holiday sale.  They’re 2 separate pieces. Tip – if you are painting unfinished, inexpensive wood, give it a quick coat with spray paint first – I base coat most of what I do with Walmart’s.

Earlier posts have warned that I’ve been known to relentlessly pursue my love of fabric as Captain Ahab did Moby Dick (but I do like to think I’m a nicer person,  ah ah  – no debate from those who know me J  ).  Want that fabric, but oh, what to do, what to do with it?  Well, not every lap blanket must be quilted, knitted or crocheted. Sandwich one square of fabric with Warm and Natural, pick a backing, stitch the edges, turn  and la voila – lap blanket.  You can get fancy and add a few knots (eHow, Knotting a Quilt), I like black crochet thread for this.  This fabric is JoAnn – one they’ve carried at least four years as I did see it again this year. Surprise – no glitter, but it is shaded in such a way it seems to glow.

Next up for me is a new Halloween apron – haven’t started it yet as the decision is the challenging aspect I’ve yet to conquer.  I have some of the above fabric that I still love, some others with the cute images and multitudes of embroidery machine patterns.  Keep tuned and we’ll both see where that journey takes me.

6 comments on “Halloween Happy Crap

  1. I love that term “happy crap”! It seems to fit all those things that my husband and kids just don’t understand!

    • Maggie says:

      Sue – you have the patience of Jobe! I just realized my image link back to you on a post below goes to the wrong site (fixing). And, something came up so I’m just linking you to the new post – Thanks for your patience.

      Love your Rednesday Linkys and am sure once the word gets out you’re selling your ME stuff on you site, folks will be running over.

      Perhaps we should all also adopt a post tag “happy crap”?

  2. Myrna says:

    I like all your “happy crap “!

  3. ashlee says:

    I haven’t had a chance to decorate this year. Fall is such a fun time of year. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s!

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