Festive, but Not scary

I’ve been meaning to make a new apron for Halloween.  In my previous neighborhood, you would know the folks in the houses right around you, but not much further. It was my first house and I approached Halloween with excitement donning a mask one year, a veil the next.  But, I noticed some of the little ones were frightened (and I didn’t even go for scary masks). Plus, the whole mask/veil thing meant my neighbors were no closer to recognizing me and any “connection” was lost.

Now I have a festive apron for end of October get togethers and trick or treat night.  The candy goes in a great basket lined with a Halloween cloth napkin.

The first step was looking at the fabric stash – I knew I had enough for an apron without additional fabric shopping.

The photo is the stash laid out on a queen bed. The border panel with paint accents I’ve had for 4 years. I’d made two runners  for myself and a few for my sister, then stopped. It would be perfect for the main ruffle and I’d use tulle for some extra ruffle flirtiness. I love the hats and pumpkins piece and had plenty of that for the main part of the apron. It’s also been patiently waiting some time in my fabric stash.  A bit back I completed a quick Halloween lap blanket with it I wrote about here.  My bat and cat tulle will continue to be table toppers or veils – I decided there was no reason to cut into them for this project.

I played with making another ruffle from pieced smaller scraps, but decided more would make the apron longer than I’d wanted. If I were a taller person, it may have worked. I have plenty of scraps and like the idea –by next Halloween I’ll have figured out what I want to ruffle with it.

For the pattern, I started with the same Simplicity upper piece I used in my cupcake apron, shortening it again. The ruffle was a given as that piece would be used as is.  The bottom edge of it is a bit wavy, which I thought would look nice with the tulle ruffles underneath.  I cut the tulle ruffle pieces to be longer width wise (about a length and 2/3 – don’t have to be fussy with a tulle ruffle) than the panel piece. Each tulle ruffle was also cut to be about an inch and a half longer than the one that would sit above it. The tulle is shades or orange, purple, black and green.

Originally, I’d planned to just have a raw edged tulle. In digging through my bindings and trims, I found I had black lace hem tape and decided that would add a nice touch. On my next outing, I stopped into Country Cloth and picked up some orange hem tape as well.


If you haven’t tried gathering by zig zag stitching over a piece of dental floss – do.  There’s nothing worse than getting a lot of your ruffle done and having the thread you’re pulling snap. Just be sure to not stitch into the floss or it won’t work.

Above you can see the corner of the ruffle plus the dental floss stitched on for gathering.

For stitching a ruffle to an apron, I mark the ruffle (prior to gathering) into quarters.  Then I mark the bottom of the apron piece in quarters.  I pin, right sides together, matching the quarter markings. Then I gently tug on the floss and gather while it’s pinned together.  I find it easy to “even out” this way.  Add more pins when it’s how you like and sew. I cut the muslin lining almost as long as the apron with ruffle. Plan to trim the bottom up more once I see how the layout of the tulle ruffles looks best.

The order of sewing is ruffle to apron, muslin lining to apron piece only, not ruffle and leave bottom edge open. Iron open. Then stitch the tulle ruffles to the lining a bit lower than where the border panel ruffle joins the apron piece. I then stitched on some super big rick rack trim where the ruffle joins the apron piece. I got it on eBay here (and I ran and got some more in Christmas colors before I posted this and sent the rest of you over there J). Then stitch bias trim binding all around.  If you stitch your ties so the ends are within the lining – you won’t be able to easily set off the whole piece in stitching the binding all around. The ties would get in the way (for my reworked apron, I had to remove the ties to be able to add the binding trim, then stitch them back on). With binding – this design takes 2 packets to go around the apron and across on bottom ruffle – always iron the folds out and join your binding pieces to be as long as your project needs before you start. Hem the muslin lining piece to be right up by the tulle ruffles and stitch the ties on last.

Taa Daa!  I love it.  The shot doesn’t do it justice – the colors are much better in person.

9 comments on “Festive, but Not scary

  1. Your apron is darling. I love it. Thanks for showing how you did it.

  2. Greenearth says:

    What a great project. Love the colors and design.

  3. Allie says:

    That is FABULOUS! Excellent job!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  4. What a fun, beautiful apron. Wearing this would certainly put in you a mood to whip up some fabulous Halloween treats.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Your apron is absolutely adorable! I love the extra tulle ruffles and the fun Halloween fabrics. Oh, and your Halloween fabric stash is awesome!

    xo -El

  6. Cherry Chick says:

    Darling Halloween apron…it has a Mary Engelbreit look to it…love it. Wow…you have some serious “linkies” going too…lol. I made it over from Feature Yourself Friday.
    ♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
    ♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

  7. Lamb says:

    This apron is adorable! I envy your sewing skills 🙂

  8. […] the same pattern I discuss in Apron Redo and line the apron as illustrated in my Halloween version tutorial. Chose the scoop neck over straight and left the bow off the pocket. The ruffle for this one is […]

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