Murphys California mishmash

So much for the best laid plans I’d had of taking good shots of my town to share on Sundays in My City.  What I’ve got on hand or quickly snapped with the Blackberry will have to do again. First, I’ll backtrack to the snow we had before Thanksgiving, much to the delight of skiers and townsfolk alike. Seen from my back deck.

Earlier we had a light dusting. Then we had the real thing. I love the whole white effect (when the power stays on and I don’t have to go anywhere). It’s so peaceful.

For me and my guests, our morning starts with watching the hummers hit the feeders while we sip at coffee – hoards of them in summer, a few who stick it out during the winter.

Secondly, with snow now melted, it was easy to pop over to Sonora for some errands this week. While there I found inspiration in the shop windows.  Love the burlap stocking with Naughty and Nice embroidered bands in the shoe store window.

The kitchen store had a lovely holiday ruffled runner with matching ruffled apron in their display.


Took a detour on the way back through Angels Camp and made a stop at Country Cloth.  I was looking for a bit of a shot in the arm to keep me going on projects. The quilts adorning their walls and classroom and their selection helps reinvigorate that creative spirit. Didn’t even think to take a photo until I was in the car in the lot on my way out – so grabbed one of our de rigueur holiday ornaments (Murphys and north of us use the really long and skinny white pine cones, Angel’s just uses regular but biggies). There’s some visibility into the shop through the windows. It’s family owned and they’re all knowledgeable and always helpful. Kathy had been finishing a workshop with folks making beautiful  jackets and invited me to take a peek , then shared a wonderful project she’s making as a gift (so I can’t talk about it other than to say I’d never seen that pattern before – I’ll try to remember to mention the pattern after Christmas).


Have been toying with red, lime, hot pink and turquoise/blues for one holiday room and found a panel on sale (Benartex last season) along with some buttons and accoutrements to take home. The way things are going, it may not make it to the top of the “to finish”  list this year, we’ll see.

Then home in time for a sunset view beyond the kitchen windows.

Finally, photos I’ve previously snapped in Murphys include Black Sheep Winery. Before moving here I’d always had to pick up a few of their sweatshirts as being “the black sheep of the family” was a phrase used often by my relatives. Our cute little yogurt shop is on the right. 


Just off our main street is Maise Blue featuring yarns, books and gifts. Up from her is a new store opened by a popular Etsy seller, Linda Trent Jewelry. She has jewelry, kits for toddler clothes with designer fabrics (she may have been the first seller on Etsy offering pre-packaged kits of fabric and patterns), art supplies and a bit of sculpture. It’s a very fun collection.

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One comment on “Murphys California mishmash

  1. BLOGitse says:

    Isn’t it amazing how snow makes world much more peaceful and quiet……….
    We have too much snow in Helsinki now. Streets are packed of snow and drivers don’t find a place to park their cars. But it’s beautiful… 🙂

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