Sunday in my Town, Murphys California

The rain’s been sniveling all day after screaming with passion throughout the night. Nature’s begun her unimaginative winter rut of rain, rain, rain, tiny glimpse of sun, more rain in Northern California. We’re not allowed to really complain with the threat of drought always on our horizon. For those of us lower than snow levels, the end of December through March means cold damp rain (as opposed to May through November – then we might not see a drop). When the sun does peek out, we all understand Shakespeare’s analogy “Love Comforteth like Sunshine after Rain” (Henry VI). Those glimpses of sunshine are coveted and seem to warm to the bone. Made an effort earlier this week to capture a few of my glimpses on film for Sundays in my town (or city). Above you see some folks around Murphys are not yet blessed with the cessation of rain for the evening.

Love the play of light on clouds. My meager efforts were able to capture a few visions I’ll keep. Composition may not be perfect as I’m working with the limited venues available from the back deck.

The touch of light on the trees lets you know dusk is near.

Still playing with light.

So yes it’s clichéd, and yes regardless I lit a nice fire and have been humming about the house “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful”. What can I say – I like a good fire, I like to sing while I work. It’s a perfect day for having the oven on and staying inside – in honor of my “more good grains in 2011” resolution, I threw together a batch of my favorite cornbread muffins (blogged with recipe here– note in the large muffin tins it only makes 6) and curled up with a my fav bev – halfway between a latte and cappuccino (more milk than one and less than the other). Once this is posted, it’s off to a corner with a blankie and a good book.

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10 comments on “Sunday in my Town, Murphys California

  1. Marla Hansen says:

    Love the photos. Nothing like a stormy day, baked goods and a warm drink. Wonderful.

  2. Unknown Mami says:

    I’m off the coffee right now because I’m pregnant, but I had a nice cup of hot chocolate and one of those muffins would have been great with it.

    I love the color in the clouds, they look like they have been painted.

    Happy New Year!

  3. “The rain’s been sniveling all day after screaming with passion throughout the night.” Yep, that describes the weather in my part of California perfectly as well. I say enough with the rain for a while 🙂

    Your photos are stuffing and your hot chocolate looks so good, I’m off to make a cup for myself.

    Happy SIMC and Happy New Year, jj

  4. Sonya says:

    Im so loving that first shot! just beautiful. Happy New Year!

  5. pieces of me says:

    this looks like an awesome Sunday. yummy treats and a beautiful view! very nice set!

  6. Trisha says:

    I have some cornmeal left over from the last time I used it and was looking for a healthy way to use it up. I’m gonna give these a try.

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