Radiant Sun and Ravishing Beauty, my town

Following the meandering stream through my lovely mountain town is my theme for this week’s Sundays in my City (tiny town) post.  We’ve been blessed with an unusual series of balmy winter days radiant with sunshine and temperatures of 60’s. This is truly a joy and to be enjoyed out of doors, cameras in hand.

For those of you who don’t know much of Murphys or Calaveras county, you should know that Mark Twain immortalized us in his short story The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County“, which was also the title of his very first book.  Towns in the county are adorned with frogs and each year the County Fair holds a frog jump contest to the delight of both children and adults. The large fiberglass frogs are a real to do – with a waiting list and contests for “theme”.  At some point, I may post only a collection of those, but this week I’m only sharing the one by our library. Your photo journey begins in our park and continues through some untamed areas around town.

Murphys is pretty much a volunteer run town – with different non-profit groups of residents overseeing our library, Murphys Community Park which I’ve featured in the slideshow, the school fields and so much more. The Murphys Business Association and Calaveras Winegrape Alliance also host many of the best events we offer.  The park gazebo in the summer is host to Friday Music in the Park where we enjoy Cajun or other bands, while one of our non-profits mans the snack and beverage fundraisers and children and adults dance, nosh, visit and delight in the wonderful dusk of summer in Murphys.

My tour of our glistening stream through town would not be complete without the punch of those red berries that splatter our landscape in the winter months or that exquisite small gazebo I’ve been lusting after since I first saw it near the library in a private garden.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The way the slideshow works, any picture (including those badges that I link to) shows up in it, so for this post I’ll simply provide links to the parties:

Sundays in My City

12 comments on “Radiant Sun and Ravishing Beauty, my town

  1. Unknown Mami says:

    What a wonderful place to live. I love the library, and the gazebo, and the bridge, and the jumping frog…

    • Maggie says:

      I do positively love it here but having grown up on the coast, I sometimes miss and long for the ocean! Your shots always make me determined to plan a trip to the coast.

  2. Pretty pictures of your town! It must have been wonderful to have sun and 60’s!

  3. The painted frog was a nice surprise. You live in a beautiful place– It looks fresh and clean– and friendly.
    Happy SIMC, jj

  4. Maggie says:

    Joanna – I positively love it here. I will have to get more pictures of the fiberglass frogs – they really are something. The live frog jumps are too (no worries – we have a lot of animal rights folks here – locals catch the frogs for the frog jump contest (so as a tourist you can walk up with money in hand and join in) then release them all before the end of day).

  5. QandleQueen says:

    What a great little town!

  6. Shah Wharton says:

    Hey there – Im following from the hop – from wordsinsync.blogspot.com
    Shah .X

    • Maggie says:

      Thanks Shah, serendipidious you dropped by as have been meaning to make use of my categories for books, reading, review. You pack a lot into that site of yours.

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