January Blog Hop Wrap Up

Well, I hate to admit it folks, but the majority of hits on the Decidedly Healthy or Horridly Decadent hop are not from those of us seeking wonderful, healthy, whole grain recipes. The utter temptation of a great recipe for a truly decadent treat is what’s driving our fingers as we click on our interests. I’d started the hop after seeing Bon Appetit’s Food Lover’s cleanse that was chock full of healthy recipes (but a bit too prescriptive for me to follow exactly for two weeks). However, I wanted to push myself to add more to my repertoire in the healthy, veggie or fish and whole grain category. I simply had to keep in a portion of the permission for the blog hop for decadent items, as we all do entertain and the fastest way to drop a healthy resolution is to make it so narrow you can’t have any fun. If any of you do try out their recipes that fit the hop theme – be sure to blog about it and share that post on the hop.

All that said, you truly need to indulge yourself, take a moment and browse the January recipe hops to see the various delights our capable foodies are sharing. Without even scratching our delectable bread and grain entrees, a few highlights include (click on the picture to visit the site).

Barbara’s stunning rendition of an entremet should not be missed.

Caroline’s Blueberry Oat Snacks Caroline's Oat bars are the perfect snack when teamed with their blueberry topping. Trisha's Paneer Bhurji

 Trisha’s Paneer (Scrambled Cottage Cheese with extras) would be so perfect stuffed in a warm pita sandwich.

SimplyLife’s Cookie Dough Truffles

 just one visit ahead of Erin’s Brazilian Fudge.   

Erin’s Brazilian Fudge

Chaya’s Ginger Salmon

Want to add more fish to your diet? Check out Chaya’s wonderful ginger baked salmon. 

Nisa’s Methi Paratha

Nisa makes her paratha look so simple, I’m determined to try it soon.

Your top choice in January was Lisa’s completely decadent Cinnabon clone recipe, the most popular of the recipes posted over the 4 weeks of the blog hop. 

Lisa’s Cinnabon clone A very close second, only 2 visits behind, was Bree’s Matt’s brownie’s. Bree’s Matt’s brownies

 SimplyLife’s Cookie Dough Truffles was your third interest, 



5 comments on “January Blog Hop Wrap Up

  1. What an amazing spread! I don’t know where to begin!

  2. lol – I always get more hits on my dessert posts instead of my healthy meals too. Thanks for the sweet comments on my entremet! I can see why the Cinnabon post was so popular!

  3. Comfy Cook says:

    That is quite a list to start cooking from. I wish, I could make it all.

  4. I really enjoy your hop and I’m glad to participate in it. Have a great week :). Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

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