Strolling My Town, Sunny & Warm Murphys California

Due to issues with WordPress, I missed posting Sundays in My City last weekend.  It appears that every two months or so, on a Friday, things will go drastically wrong when trying to upload posts in spite of following the exact procedures as every other post. The first time, after hours of fussing, I had the sense to just delete the post, log out, run my own security software and not try again for three days figuring whatever happened was on their end and hopefully they’d straighten it out in the time I waited – and they did. This time, I kept trying to fix the post and work with their support over days. I don’t recommend the latter approach. In future, if I’m off for 3 days without notice – you’ll know why. I finally got the post below (Blog hop Round-up) looking mostly ok and I’m just going to leave it imperfect. Time to move on and reset my mood to happy.

So, here in Northern California the weather has been unseasonably, deliriously gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous – 60’s, sunny, simply incredible. The hiking trails in the parks are dry enough for strolling and our downtown just calls to be visited.

I’ll start with the frog in front of Sierra Nevada Adventure Company (SNAC). Had mentioned we have this thing for frogs and frog jumps thanks to Mark Twain here.  Their fiberglass frog has a globe in the gold panning pan and is sitting on the layers of the earth as they’re very involved in cleaning our rivers and promoting local ecology.   


You can see the town architecture is Gold Rush, with the Murphys Hotel itself dating from the 1850’s.

The buggy and outdoor seating area has roses in spring and summer. Although we’re sunny and warm now, the roses are dormant so you just see branches in the photo.

I love the wagon wheel gate that lets you into the hotel’s outdoor dining area.

Just across from the hotel you’ll find Aria Bakery – an absolute must stop when in town. My shot of their case is sooo not doing them justice (I hope they’ll forgive me!) as I was there at the end of a busy day – get here early to see a full case plus the one next to it and a rack of homemade breads. You won’t be able to resist.

If you’ve seen any of my Murphys posts at all – you know we’re one of the best wine destinations in Northern California. Downtown has a wealth of wine tasting – all within walking distance of one another plus walking to most of our places to stay (just be sure to be in walking distance of Main Street). The majority of the places to taste also offer outdoor seating, so if you grab a bottle and lunch at the deli (or your own packed picnic, or a sandwich from Aria or Alchemy or the market – we have choices!) you can picnic. You’ve seen our park picnic area here. This is the streetside picnic area that Zucca Wines keeps so inviting.

On the grounds at Twisted Oak, they drag out the more traditional picnic tables once spring is officially sprung.

And, our lovely little town isn’t littered with blaring neon signs or billboards. I love Twisted’s subdued wooden sign that goes so well with their picket fence. Twisted itself is a total experience and I simply must devote more of a post to it than I’m doing here. For those of you who don’t want to wait for me – browse their photos on their Facebook page and you’ll get an idea.

Even the street signs here look like an artist had a hand in them.

One of the local churches just up the side street from Main is a truly picturesque little building.

And, of course, every tourist must get a few shots of the original town “pokey”. I only hope in its day it was surrounded by trees as in the summer 100 temps we sometimes see, it would have been a brick oven.

Our forecast through the weekend remains sunny, warm and bright. Californian’s should take advantage and c’mon out. We’re just a hop, skip and a jump from the bay area (at just about 2 hours 15 minutes from San Ramon) and this kind of weather makes us HAPPY. I took advantage and rambled about town again Saturday the 12th as well as this earlier journey. The sun is deliciously warm, day clear, downtown crowded with happy weekend vacationers (daycations), even a treasure hunt (high school or early college age folks in amusing dress enthusiastically charging about in teams “are you local?” “do you know where I can find..”) – a completely joyful atmosphere. I made my regular stop in to say hi to Barbara at Creative Cookware as I’d decided in the fruit effort I’m documenting in my next post that I simply must have individual or 2 serving pie dishes. Browsed Amazon and decided to check her out before ordering. Of course, Barbara had just what I needed. I could choose between Chantal ceramic or a hefty “Endurance” stainless steel. The shape of the stainless and 6 inch size was exactly what I’d envisioned so picked up a few. Also popped in to say hi to Becky and Mary Beth (the owner) of Beaux Cheveaux, and to browse their art gallery then pick up a bottle of their yummy viognier. I’ll be heading downtown again today to soak up the sun with friends. If you didn’t make it this weekend – next weekend is President’s day – a big “to do” out here with the wineries and shops offering many specials. Although our much needed rain is supposed to hit tomorrow, with snow forecast below snow levels during the week – don’t shy away. Skiing should be superb next weekend and town will drag out the woodstoves, hot ciders and more to ensure you enjoy your visit regardless of ol’ mom nature.

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4 comments on “Strolling My Town, Sunny & Warm Murphys California

  1. I must admit I’m a little bit jealous of your beautiful town and weather. It’s still soup weather here.

  2. What an amazing town. So lucky for you to live in such a special town. Thanks so much for bringing your wonderful post to Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  3. Unknown Mami says:

    That buggy is the bomb and that pokey has the smallest window I have ever seen.

  4. KB says:

    Thanks for sharing your pics with Walkabout. Love them!

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