Knit one Perl two – Dazzling Winter Scarves

With the arrival of a blustery winter snow storm that knocked out power in the region for more than 35,500  residents, which incuded lil ol freezing in the dark me for 24 hours (with 6,500 other Calaveras County residents – there aren’t all that many of us to start with), it seemed apropos to blog about warm woolly winter scarves. Especially as PGE (our gas and electric company) was forewarning those with outages to expect extended outages (arrgggh no!).  In an earlier post, I blogged about the oh so simple to make beautiful yarns on a loom scarves. This post is for scarves on needles.

This lovely mohair (Madil Kid Seta 70% Super Kid Mohair, 30% silk) was knit from a pattern a Murphys resident sold at our previous yarn store. I’ve seen her knitting and selling creations at one of the shops in town and will have to seek her out to ask if she still sells the pattern. If she does, I’ll post an update here. It’s an easy to knit lace pattern that looks best on lighter yarns. The terribly thin Madil kid mohair was a tad difficult to work with but I so love the result and consider it worth every effort.  I know many who are allergic to mohair and wool – so it’s something to consider when choosing your fibers. Often folks allergic to animals are also allergic to wools/mohair. As mentioned in my previous post, I also know many who refuse to hand wash and dry – so if you were to gift them a beautiful natural fiber they’d end up with an expensive potholder. I always try to gift what the recipient would like (as opposed to what I may be dying to give them).  Know your friends and relatives.

This is the same pattern knit as above with the yarn the store was marketing with the pattern (in their sample and picture on the pattern) – they’d chosen a lovely electric blue color that I also grabbed and made, but didn’t catch a picture of before gifting it.  This lacey knit holds up very well on the Gioiello (30% mohair, 30% wool, 10% cotton plus manmade fiber).  I also made this pattern in a Kidlin regimental red and it would work beautifully with a Zitron Prisma. Currently, you can view a lovely lace pattern scarf with Gioiello at All About Yarn (scan to the bottom of the page).

This scarf is simply knit 3 perl 3 with edges that are also 3 stitches (row 1 knit, row2 perl, repeat for rib pattern on edge) – no overall pattern, just me winging it. Madil Fusion Ocean Pearl (20% mohair, 36% wool, 44% dralon) was the yarn. I’m pretty pleased with the “prefect snowy days” result and notice as I try to link you to a sample of the yarn that it is on sale most places.

I’m seeking your help with the one above. Did it awhile back and thought it was a crochet stitch called half shell. I really like the pattern and if someone is aware of what this crochet stitch is – please do tell. This is an acrylic yarn that’s no longer carried.


The above is in progress (and going very slowly) stockinette stitch. I wanted more of a shawl like my pashminas (I have friend travelled to India a lot for work and everyone who knows her now has many lovely pashminas). This kept eating skeins – I finally got more Etoile Bollicine from All About Yarn. This is the project that grew. Got the pink/peach tones – decided it needed to be toned down given I’m not really into pink and don’t know folks who are, bought more in sand color, then found didn’t have enough and bought even more (do have to add shipping each time) – this will be so expensive by the time I’m done. Plan to crochet sand onto the knit rectangle to finish the short ends. Here’s hoping I like it when I’m finally done!

As mentioned before, when the yarn store here closed I found All About Yarn for mail order of the beautiful specialty yarns, and I’m very pleased with their service and inventory;  eBay also carries some (at a good discount) and more recently I’ve been perusing our new Maise Blue yarn, doo dad & book store here in Murphys.

The picture linky parties I participate in are linked at the bottom of this post.

One comment on “Knit one Perl two – Dazzling Winter Scarves

  1. megan says:

    these are beautiful. I like the one with the ribbing the best. I wish I could knit…sigh.


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