Capricious Mother Nature

Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us this weekend. Murphy’s Irish Days is usually a day of joy, crafts, parade and fun. This year she decided to descend on us in a whirlwind of snow cold and wind. The evening before our morning parade, chains were required south of town, an extremely unusual occurrence. Power went out Friday night, as it’s wont to do with stormy weather. Our lovely fair day was overcast, cold and subject to sleeting rain.

I’ve missed Unknown Mami’s Sundays in My Citythe last few weeks and had planned a cheery update on our fantastic joyful happenings at Irish days. This blog party’s premise is attractive and some talented regulars participate. Alas (great word alas, every time I think of it I hear Dumbledore, “alas ..” when he got the icky Bertie Bott Jelly Bean) t’was not to be. Just couldn’t force myself to join many the hardy souls who braved the weather for the parade (that was blessed with a break in the rain) and events.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve continued to play with images of clouds, sunsets and, when the opportunity presents itself, rainbows.

I’d also considered a bit of a dissertation on my regular jaunt to Sonora, think the children’s song  “over the mountains and through the woods”. Eighteen miles of scenic, curvy mountain roads and a bridge across New Melone reservoir is all it takes. This was my destination Friday; I swung through a rest stop to get the image of a small portion of the drive. You can see below that although cloudy, you’d never guess the severity of the storm that would hit a few hours later.

A surprise of rain and hail at my last stop gave way to dense snow flurries halfway home. A few moments later and I may have hit the chain requirement or had to park at the top of my steep driveway and shovel it out. White out conditions descended.

Sadly, this was also the weekend for Ironstone’s Daffodil Days. Here’s the progression of what happened to a pot of mine from snow last night to melt this morning. If I’d tried to spend the day in town today, believe I’d have fared about as well.


UPDATE SUNDAY MORNING – FIRST DAY OF SPRING! This is what the above pot looks like Sunday morning – and the National Weather Service is still showing I should be in the mid forties with only rain (talk about being off on predictions). They are forecasting snow this evening around 4,000ft – I’m at 2,500 and the snow hasn’t let up for a moment. Thicker, deeper and heavier than Friday and above pics. Oh oh, power flickering, not good – would really like to have a Sunday with power, heat and water …..

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13 comments on “Capricious Mother Nature

  1. What wonderful pictures….it was certainly beautiful in some of your photos. And you are so right. One would never have anticipated the weather that engulfed you! Snow, snow and more snow. Those poor daffodils!!

  2. Wow by seeing your pics,you are tempting me to buy a professional camera !!! i wanna take photos !!!

  3. Tara R. says:

    I can’t believe it’s still snowing in other states. It’s beautiful, but it’s time for Spring. The rainbow capture is gorgeous!

  4. Kristin says:

    That pesky snow can certainly curtail spring festivals and parties. There’s always next year : ) Your cloud photos were very cool. Thank you!

    Kristin – The Goat
    via SIMC

  5. startraci says:

    Sorry you couldn’t make the parade but wow! What glorious photos. You truly are surrounded by beauty even in less than desirable weather!

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday!

  6. Liz says:

    I do love the look of snowy photos. Still, sounds like you are SO ready for the spring. Me, too!!!

  7. gaelikaa says:

    Very beautiful pictures.

  8. superrelish says:

    The weather may be ordinary but your location is anything but ordinary.
    Fantastic chilly winter photos.

  9. toi says:

    The snow look so beautiful. It would have been perfect if is not that spring is supposed to come in its place. Hope it won’t be too long away :).

  10. KB says:

    Amazing pics. Thanks for sharing with Walkabout. Have a great week.

  11. Your skies are absolutely beautiful but I’m sorry they are still full of snow!
    Hope things warm up soon.
    Happy SMIC, jj

  12. Unknown Mami says:

    Poor plant. Happy Spring to you, even though it doesn’t look like Spring where you are!

    • Maggie says:

      Believe it or not – it fluffed off that snow, stood up and looked lovely when the weather warmed (one of the lavenders in front however, looks pretty unhappy still).

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