Private Gardens at Ruth Bancroft

My previous posts have shown you the Sculpture Show at the public Bancroft Dry Garden; here I’d like to share a few photos of the garden surrounding the home. Not in bloom (go in May) was the iris border where I think Ruth collected every bearded iris out there and I also didn’t take pictures of the multitude of citrus trees she’d collected. Martha did have her on her show a few+ years back and there are magazine articles on her as well. At 100, she would still go out in the morning to pull weeds in her garden. Garden Rant did a nice mention back in 2008.

 She also has the largest stand of giant bamboo at the back entrance to her garden – it is stunning.

Love and need this salvia (penstemon?).

When you have the room, a backdrop of trees with differing textures and colors really sets a space apart – when you don’t have the room, think shrubs with differing colors and textures in the back or even tall perennials.

 Another plant on my “to get” list – kniphofia 

Yes, the white is completely wiped out when you take photos in the middle of the afternoon. What can I say? I drove down and it’s about a 3 hour drive (was worth the trip but no way I’d be there for early am shooting).

I love pomegranate trees – that’s the one in the center back with the red-orange flowers. There was a slight breeze – so all the grasses and bamboos were swaying – really nice effect in person.

Sometimes I start thinking I have to go all fancy when I build paths – but simple bender board and gravel does work.

At my previous home I had a 5 foot smoke tree I’d grown from a cutting. It was beautiful and I do miss it. All the HGTV shows are convincing folks they need gardens with “instant” results and full grown plants. If you’re patient, a few seasons are all it takes to start a garden with smaller, less expensive specimens. The process is the fun part.

The lavender border

Love this guy!

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3 comments on “Private Gardens at Ruth Bancroft

  1. Unknown Mami says:

    I love that guy too.

  2. mrs4444 says:

    What gorgeous gardens! I admire artists who create gardens like this, hand-in-hand with Mother Nature 🙂

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