One thing you see in the smaller communities here is folks banding together to hold a benefit of some sort when a local family hits hardships. Murphys, my little town, always steps up to this challenge. This past weekend there were four. Our friends at Sierra Nevada Adventure Company were baking and promoting the dinner/entertainment/bakesale and auction for a Saturday event, Irish Family Vineyards was donating a portion of their Tempest outdoor concert to one, there was a third my neighbor just let me know about and this one Monday night that I was able to attend. Tickets were run through our ever popular Twisted Oak winery website. Monday’s event was to raise funds for travel and medical expenses for a local family.  It was held in our shaded community park and was complete with a pulled pork barbecue, live and silent auctions, tremendous raffles, local wines to purchase and a marvelous live band, Alma Melodiosa. I must say, the music was truly superb – every now and again you can hit an outdoor concert where the speakers or instruments aren’t tuned well – not so here where the music was oh so perfect. Even in these times, our businesses always show up – just take a peek at the photos below. If you think there’s even a chance you might come out to our marvelous food, wine and outdoor activities vacation spot – you should ‘Facebook like’ these folks. It’s the best way to stay informed on what’s happening (and generally be entertained to boot, most are a pretty humorous bunch).

Alma Melodiosa in our gazebo – if you have a chance to hear these folks do!

Joanie Irish of Irish Family Vineyards manned the food booths (and I need the lady on the left’s name!).

Russell Irish Irish Family Vineyards Facebook (home to Póg mo thóin wine – thus the cap).

My neighbors Jill and Sean from Sierra Nevada Adventure Company (the place to rent a boat or kayak for your summer fun). SNAC Facebook

My neighbors Terry and Stan (Stan IS the Energizer bunny – this guy can just keep going and going…..) with Nanette Tanner from Tanner Vineyards visible just over Stan’s shoulder. Tanner’s Facebook

Liz and Steve Millier of Milliare Winery and Black Sheep Winery. Black Sheep Winery Facebook, Milliare Winery Facebook

Jeannine Hebel and Jonathon Phillips of Val du Vino. I believe they are also the folks behind the wine at Allegorie – our new artist’s gallery/tasting room in town. Val du Vino Facebook Allegorie Facebook


“el Jefe” Jeff Stai of Twisted Oak Winery. Jeff was pretty busy collecting tickets and organizing things, so he’s snapped in action. Twisted Oak Facebook

If you haven’t yet figured out what to do on the fourth – well, come on out. We’ll have free music in the park this Friday the 1st with Chains Required,  the first is also our Farmer’s Market down at Val du Vino and I believe Jeannine intends to have some yummies for sale there as well, Ironstone’s family friendly event and fireworks will be the 2nd and Columbia State Park will go all out on the 4th“Decorate yourself and your kids, your group, your pets (under 120 pounds), your bicycle, or your vehicle (vintage 1961 or older), and join the parade. You might win a prize! Dance in the street, and try your skill at the many contests popular in the early days of Columbia. Kids relish the greased pole climb and bucket brigade, and other old-fashioned contests for all ages include nail pounding, watermelon and pie eating, egg relay race and egg toss, a little kids’ contest to “find a needle in the haystack”and a five-way tug-of-war”.

10 comments on “Community

  1. mrs4444 says:

    How sweet of you to provide links to all of these wonderful community resources; I suspect that you, too, are one of your community’s gems.

  2. Tara R. says:

    This is what community is supposed to be about… coming together to help one of their own. I hope you have a wonderful July 4th celebration.

  3. Kathy says:

    What a wonderful event to be a part of… hope you have a great Sunday and 4th!

  4. mimbles says:

    The Columbia State Park event sounds fantastic!

  5. Oh my goodness, I know Murphys! We vacation in Bear Valley every summer (for 20+ years now) and always stop at this park for a rest and some ice cream. How fun to live there — bet it’s getting hot.

  6. Love the gazebo bandstand! Reminds me of festivities in the part of years gone by.

  7. Unknown Mami says:

    I think every community should have a gazebo! I’ve never lived in a place with one.

    • Maggie says:

      It’s the perfect stage as the town also sponsors free music friday eves – they really have made a lovely little shaded park here. Pack your own on the free music nights or buy dinner and beverages (with proceeds going to non-profit).

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