Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments is a blog party hosted at Half Past Kissin time. Luckily, she leaves it open a few days as today is obviously Saturday J So my bits:

I’ve posted mucho photos of Ruth Bancroft Garden – but must add this: Puya berteroniana (Annie’s Annuals has 3 Puya’s – this, a cool blue or lime green flowered variety). There were a few flowering at Bancroft. Had to go right up to it as its color made it look like another manmade sculpture – not a color you normally find in flowers. The bloom brings it to about 6 foot tall.

Was looking for something on yet a few more blogs that did not have a search field again this week. Arrgggh, why not? Don’t all the major carriers offer a search widget? I may go one or two pages – then I give up. Do folks really think everyone will plod through every post they’ve written looking for something? I would’ve shared the item further if I could have found the post. Sigh. If you have cool pics/projects/recipes please, please, please add a search widget to your blog.

This week’s new effort – getting creative inspiration or internet time wasting? Pinterest, currently ok. I suspect not for long. What’s cool – if you’re a crafter or a foodie or whoever and save links of ideas, then install new software that messes up your browser (isn’t everything always trying to get you to a different browser) so said links are hard to find – or if they simply get too long and messed up to fuss around with folder organization – this is presently a great place to store your links. (notice all the disclaimers about good now). It saves a nice big picture – so instead of a list you’re not quite sure what your link will take you to after having it for a few years – you get a page of clickable pictures for each of your folders. Cool. I can open a file of crafts to make for Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead and scan it quickly. I can search on pallets to see what everyone is out there making from wooden pallets and become oh so inspired to make more outdoor stuff. (Really – if you take any action on reading this post – open the pallet link!). I can “follow” other folks folders if it seems as though they’re capturing the same kind of inspiration I’m interested in – and see everyone I’m following on one page full of pics. If I like what they’ve posted, I simply “repin” it to one of my own boards.  The downside? Self promotion not monitored – I’m ok with a bit of it, but you know what happens when it’s not. The easy answer is that Pinterest opens to your page of followers once you sign up – so you won’t run into this unless you go to and click their categories (I’m a fan of DIY and Food). If you’re the blogger – folks may never stop on your blog so you might not know how much visibility your post’s photo is getting over on Pinterest. But, the pallet search hooked me – especially when I then went to wine barrels….  Oh oh, too much to do.

5 comments on “Friday Fragments

  1. Very Techy stuff; I was completely lost until you said wine barrels and then I had to check it out. I love the plants..I am working on a 2 year landscaping plan so I have been just overwhelmed with plant information. I am happy I am actually remembering most of the info!
    Have a safe 4th of July!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Doreen – glad you made the click over. It’s all words unless you look and search on one of your interests (photgraphs seem to be a popular topic as well). Then, it all makes sense.

  3. mrs4444 says:

    Wow-That plant is incredible! One of the fun things I like about going on vacation is seeing plants/flowers like that (that I would never see at home).

    Search boxes are very helpful, and they’re easy to add to your blog.

    I’ve heard of Pinterest but haven’t checked it out. Maybe it’s time 🙂

    Thanks for linking up this week! 🙂

  4. Maggie says:

    Mrs444 – I can think of no logical reason – but Pinterest asks that someone send you an invite for you to join (you can always search it). If you want one, just let me know (haven’t noticed any more SPAM since I’ve joined, so it’s most likely ok).

  5. Melissa B. says:

    I’ve always loved visiting other people’s gardens, whether public or private. The trouble is with my garden. Some day, I tell myself…some day!

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