Fragmented Friday

Friday Fragments is a blog party hosted at Half Past Kissin time.

Hot, hot, hot. Tappin high 90’s low 100’s for the last few weeks. Skipped out on the Arts Council music in Murphys park as even tho scheduled for early eve, just did not want to be outside.

Still playing at Pinterest DIY – getting all my ideas for my future garden in one place. Had been planning to paint the Adirondack chairs a deep red/brown to match an eventual trim color for the house; after seeing this, I’m moving towards more color. Summer here is brown. This cheerful shot from BHG is inspiring:

Pinterest Food makes me wonder if we’re in a competition to see just how fattening Americans can make any dish. Say, take a yummy, moist chocolate cake and frosting. Most of us would be happy with that as a perfectly executed dessert, right? But the web trend is to consider it better if you add a layer that’s cheesecake (with crumbled candies in the cheesecake cause good ol cheesecake isn’t enough) and make it really tall, then smear candies into the side frosting and – oh why not put cookies on top. Really?  Do we need our candy batter dipped and deep fried or your cake a monstrosity of 12 desserts in one?  Give me simplicity where I can savor my flavors.

Eek – yes, I did cute. Ikea bib pack plus embroidery designs (mostly Embroidery Library) and some stitching. For a friend (a bit ago, but found the pic when looking for something else).

From my lack of posting, you’d think I haven’t been cooking or crafting. Just been in a mode of making my favorites – various toppings on the so quick and easy pizza dough, my fav cornmeal muffins and the yummy raspberry tart. Even made up a batch of the “best ever” chocolate mocha cookies. All can be cooked in a small batch in the toaster oven on the porch so the house stays a/c alright. The cookie batter is perfectly happy in the fridge for a few days – you don’t have to bake it all at once. I’ve also been known to put the rice cooker and slow cooker (just did up a crunchy batch of garbanzos for salads) on the porch table.


Have to write up the crafty stuff, but it’s time for another iced coffee.

3 comments on “Fragmented Friday

  1. mrs4444 says:

    I had some iced coffee (homemade) today and loved it–could be dangerous!

    I love the chairs! My kids have been really into Tumblr lately, which I only know involves random photos. Maybe it’s like Pinterest?

    Thanks for linking up this week 🙂

  2. doreen says:

    I really love those chairs too…wouldn’t they look great in front of an ocean?
    Have a great weekend!

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