Bits and Fragments

Technology: Reading up on Google+ or Facebook groups: Wall Street Journal article. I have one friend who started a FB group but has never used it (she continues to simply email the cluster in our group – none of us have posted to it). So, I have FB experience, but not so much in FB groups. Google+ hangouts, or group video chats, can be joined by anyone who knows about them. Up to 10 people can simultaneously participate in a Hangout, and these can’t be made private. Might be good for family calls like Skype tries to be – the not private sounds scary – but who’d want to listen in and we’d know the second anyone joined so no biggie on that one.

As I’m putting together these notes, UnknownMami just tweeted: “I’m thinking of starting an anti-social network where instead of putting people in circles, you put them in corners”. Love it. I guess the whole Google+ circles thing is getting a bit of press this morning.  Mashable (respected news in social and digital media, technology and web culture) has also put their two cents in the Google+ discussion.

Yes, I do live in the boonies. Our Murphys’ farmer’s market signs about town used to say “Main Street, just past the Donkey.” Sadly, our town donkey Clarissa passed away last year. We have new signs. A stone memorial was erected to her in the park and when she passed it was a “Top Story” in the Calaveras Enterprise (county newspaper). Yep, boonies.

My latest example was expanding a tweet from My Motherlode about Angels Camp being a “wifi hotspot”. “The new system extends internet availability along the three block section of downtown, from the top of the hill on the north, to the creek at the south end of town”. I just smiled “from the top of the hill” – really not easy to let friends know when to expect service (much of the mountains is a wifi /smartphone dead zone – “can you hear me now?” No… “can you hear me now?” No…) that road has a few places one could consider top of a hill. Three blocks – really. But it’s “newspaper worthy”.

Want to get a few recipes posted, let’s see if I can get caught up soon. Need to spend less time at Pinterest DIY and Pinterest Food (really – did I NEED to find Recipe Girls’ Cinnamon Roll Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze?) but still capturing and organizing my bookmarks – it’s become a bit of a compulsion.

Beautiful weather – high 70s low 80s – must get out with the camera, so time to end this chat.

Friday Fragments is a blog party hosted at Half Past Kissin time.


4 comments on “Bits and Fragments

  1. Just joined Google+ today on Mrs 4444’s recommendation. I like the hangout idea, we’ll see.

  2. unknownmami says:

    Look at that, I was quoted! I belong to a secret group in FB and we interact a lot. I don’t think I would enjoy the hangouts on google+ because of my paper bag

  3. KLo says:

    A town donkey? I am so jealous … the town I teaches in has a homeless man who thinks he’s a dragon (I wish I was lying), but a town donkey? That’s just … cool 🙂

  4. Melissa B. says:

    I’ve just now mastered FB, Blogger and Twitter-to a certain extent, at least. Don’t think I’ll be into Google+ anytime soon! 🙂

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