Fragmented thoughts Friday (on Saturday again…

I’m resurrecting this post for two “favorites” parties. It’s now August and we’ve just passed the harvest festival of Lughnasadh (Aug 1st) – the time of first harvest and celebrations of gratitude to ensure the impending harvest is plentiful and safely reaped before winter sets in. Those of us blogging no longer consider late rains, issues of mildew or early frosts. But here in wine country we’re still connected to the seasons for the continued health of the local economy; I know the vintners breathe a deep sigh of relief after their successful “no rain” “no mildew” harvests and each winery hosts their own parties to celebrate. Wikipedia tells us that in Europe and Ireland people continue to celebrate the holiday with bonfires and dancing and that the Christian church chose the day as ritual of blessing the fields. As bannock is traditional for this harvest as well, thought I’d pull up its post and bake one myself (better late than never). To see other bloggers favorite posts, check out Half Past Kissin Time’s Saturday Sampling or the Gallery of favorites at 21st Century Housewife.

Those enjoying hummer posts and feeding their own hummingbirds – I’ve had mobs at the feeders again. After my scary turkey vulture migration post did the forehead slap – oh yea – they’re getting ready to migrate. If you have feeders out, you might start adding more sugar to your nectar (say normal recipe ¼ cup sugar to 1 cup water – go to ¾ cup sugar to 2 cups water) and help your little buddies “beef up” for their long journey. PBS tells us they live many years in their fantastic special: Magic in the Air | Nature | PBS Video. Their biggest issue is food as they burn so many calories with their flight. Also, they remember where food is, so attract a few migrating hummers this year and you’ll have more next year and more the next. I know some folks give up if they don’t get many the first season they put out a feeder – just keep doing it and keep the nectar fresh and you’ll get more birds each year. Below, “Faceoff”.

This blog is supposed to be mainly about creating (all sorts of crafts or food), my marvelous neck of the woods and, on occasion, books. Haven’t posted a new recipe in eons. Warm weather, so I cook early or late and the kitchen is pretty shaded – photos have a limpid look to them. In the fall and winter, I cook and bake later in the day and can gleam more “blog worthy” postings on food. With fall just around the corner, more food postings should be coming soon.

Time for a fundraiser in Murphys Park with music, auctions and shrimp feed in our oh so gorgeous late afternoon, sunset time. Heading down with a few neighbors – should be a fun, sippin wine, munching, watching the trees sway, a bit o gossip. Will try to remember the camera.

How rude! Don’t you hate it when something says “download the latest version” (media player, Adobe, your automatic updates…) and the next time you log in you have McAfee security on your desktop and it’s trying to run even though you never chose to install it? Ggrrrr.  Where’s that control program delete applications … thought it was under admin tools … mwahh ha ha.. done! Watch it pop up like a weed again soon L.

WordPress continually sends the latest themes to your inbox. I’m still enjoying this one, but do hate that the side column isn’t perfectly aligned and I have some issues with fonts (resetting hyperlinks to open in a new window usually makes them appear Times in a way that’s not always easy to undo). Some of them are so tempting – but I could probably actually get a few posts (or many) up in the time I might allow myself to fuss about with themes – choices, choices.

Egads, have only been logging in to Twitter every now and again (I’m @ceodraiocht). Some folks are prolific (to put it mildly). I’ve actually unfollowed most of the Foodnetwork chefs – who wants a gazillion posts about one tv show? I’d thought they’d tweet about recipes and food, sadly, not so.

This post is also participating in Half Past Kissin Time’s Friday Fragments and Mellow Yellow Monday.

3 comments on “Fragmented thoughts Friday (on Saturday again…

  1. Adin B says:

    Visiting! 🙂

    Adin B

  2. chubskulit says:

    I love that shot of the humming birds.

    Please come and take a peek at my Mellow Yellow, have a lovely evening.

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