Quintas WP Theme Slowing down the Blog Update

UPDATE: Obviously, the theme looks wonderful to those of you stopping by. Issues (were with Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Vista) have been resolved thanks to a very responsive WordPress staff. Leaving the post as although I had problems – you can see on the bottom pic how easy the header customization theme is and know that WordPress is responsive.

 The best laid plans  ….. My high hopes of narrowing down the blog theme update appear dashed on the rocks for now. Had settled on WordPress Quintas by Automattic, but simply cannot figure out the error I’m getting. When I open my site on my home computer (that logs me in as the owner through WordPress), this is what I see:


When I use the same blog URL on my work computer, but not logged in to WP, this is what I see:


I’d sent an e-mail and Twitter to the designer and also an e-mail to WordPress support yesterday. Wish me luck! Unfortunately when a new theme is first offered an active comments field is open on that post and for mine it just closed a week ago. Right now looking like everyone’s off for the weekend.

 Since WordPress advertises that they have multiple servers, I decided not to worry about it thinking perhaps the changes had to be populated out overnight. But here it is midday Saturday and the error is still active – looking oh so perfect from my logged in home computer and an ugly mess from the other one (same operating system on both but different connections – I have two satellite c arriers). Just adding this last photo so I can send the designer and support to the blog. If you don’t mind, comment and let me know if you see the good header or the header with ceo a’s draiocht splatted  in the middle in ugly black type.

The scary part is I like to change the blog image to snow for winter – will I run into this again for days? But, I want this theme now that I’d finally made up my mind. ggrrr, more grinding of teeth.

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