Handcrafted Christmas – Laptop case

My niece is on her rifle team at college, does well and positively loves it. This is a laptop padded case for her, although I added the strap so she could use it as a bag or hang it in her room to stuff with things. (She’s going for laptop bag). I’m not a gun toting kinda gal myself, but this image is one she adores; she also has it on a towel. It’s Embroidery Library’s Hunting Crest.

Stitching through multiple layers of padding and heavy duty stabilizer plus upholstery weight cotton was tough on my machine (see the bent needle above). The green trim isn’t on perfectly but I’m in the process of making some “raggedy flowers” for her to pin on the bag where the trim was not absolutely straight at the bottom edge. Simplicity pattern 4391 was a starting point.

3 comments on “Handcrafted Christmas – Laptop case

  1. Great laptop case. The embroidery is beautiful. I love the bright green with the black.

  2. wow this one looks cool ..

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