Almost, but not quite, Spring

Finally, a real snow storm this weekend! A few days short of spring and this is the first snow I’ve had stick here at my little mountain home.

When I was out quickly snapping these shots (company – so no fussing about with settings etc) the snow on a length of telephone wire fell – FFFWWWWUUUUUUUMMMPP. Very loud, I’d forgotten how loud the sound of falling snow can be.

This is the first dusting of snow in the back, always such a cozy view when embraced by the darkening storm.

My sadly stressed internet connection (satellite) – hmmn, why isn’t Maggie posting yet? Although AT&T is constantly working their poles here, no Uverse, no internet worthy cable. It’s satellite or dial on the mountain side.


Murphys Irish Days – the Pringles sized (read huge, and I’m quoting a friend) snowflakes amused everyone – at one point I think from the right angle you’d have captured at least ten folks shooting the snow from their phones. The storm lessened the crowds for Irish days somewhat – but those who ventured down stuck it out and had a great time (you could pop in or out of a winery for a taste or some warm mulled wine to keep you toasty, hot cocoa was offered every few blocks). The booths stayed open until almost the end of the show time as the crowds stayed – we were all so amused and happy with our snow. The Irish days shots are from Kady’s iPhone – mine had memory full and I’d grabbed my camera but not the memory card (ouch!). Waking early to make scratch coffee cake – that we could have before needing to leave for the parade – put a damper on my photo prep.

First crocus this season (pre-storm photo, but the crocus are fine, they adore a bit of snow).

First Narcissus Tete a Tete and Muscari of the season.

This post is participating in Sundays in My City over at Unknown Mami.

One comment on “Almost, but not quite, Spring

  1. unknownmami says:

    I love crocus.

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