Summer Solstice in my Garden

The summer solstice roared in on a blast of heat.  We’d been tapping 100F and as we approached this festival for the longest day of the year. Californians weren’t the only ones, a heat wave was moving through the U.S Midwest and East as well. Happily, we’ve been blessed with a flip to unseasonably cool weather – glorious 70’s for the coming weekend.

Highlighting my garden seems the perfect way to honor yesterday’s transition to summer. The above photo of my Sunburst summer squash was taken just two days before this one.                                                                        

The vegetables always sit for a bit and rest when planted, then burst forth in their spectacular riot of growth, I just love it.

The plan is to grow the vining veggies vertically, I’d better get on that asap as the Trombocino Zucchetta Rampicante (Italian summer squash) is already reaching out for something to grab onto. For the tomatoes, I’ll use the same deer fencing you see in the background supported by the pvc posts that I’ll unhoop to be verticle. Hoping to get cattle panels in for the squash as I don’t think the fencing will be strong enough for them.

This Anaheim Chili and the bed it’s growing in were all planted May 29th – three weeks after the two middle overflowing beds. And, a raccoon has dug up a few things there so I may be replanting squash in those spaces.  I’ve been munching down on my new favorite, Portuguese kale from Renee’s garden seeds and chard (as have the earwigs 😦  ). As the summer veggies explode, the chards, then kales will come out to make room.


The fourth bed is to be predominantly winter squash and herbs. Here are robust seedlings I’ve grown from the butternut seed generously supplied by Shoshana – she calls it her “Godzilla squash” it’s been such a great producer.

The Solstice traditions for Midsummer, Meán Samhraidh, honor the life-giving properties of the sun and the healing property of water. If you haven’t decorated your well or danced around your sacred bonfire – better get on it!

5 comments on “Summer Solstice in my Garden

  1. Chris says:

    Your garden is looking great Maggie! Hope you enjoy the cooler weather!

  2. BLOGitse says:

    Sorry I’m late but haven’t had time/connection to blog.
    Thanks for your visit and comment!
    Lovely garden, yummy! 🙂

  3. unknownmami says:

    The Anaheim chili is beautiful.

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