Milfiori Historic Garden Home

Milfiori is a lovely restored farmhouse that was built in 1861. The historic country retreat is now available as a vacation rental and was the site of our luncheon after the Outer Aisle food garden tour.

The gardens surrounding the home are beautifully designed to display a different vista around every corner.

A wrap-around porch is chock full of comfy seating.

Recycled  art sculpture provides a focal point in the garden.

Fresh water in the handcrafted birdbath assures a steady stream of avian visitors.

Some of the art is hidden way in the back of the property.

The old barn is truly picturesque.

My favorite thing about this garden is that weathered Adirondacks seating is popped into a shady spot every which way you turn. In the shade of the beautiful tree,

under a grape arbor,

in the shade of another majestic tree,

or, an alternative of the garden swing with a magnificent view back into the property. Perfect for curling up with a good book, making progress with a knitting project or browsing on your iPad.

This arbor must be a knockout when the wisteria is blooming in spring. There’s so much to do here between town and the mountains – Milfiori offers the perfect place for a vacation stay.

My Garden Update – harvest time is on a roll:

Heirloom tomatoes, Anaheim peppers, Raveena eggplant, Japanese cucumber.

Tromboncino Rampicante on a 20 inch napkin.

Summer squash, Sunburst scallop, Tromboncino Rampicante and Zapallo Italian pattypan.

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10 comments on “Milfiori Historic Garden Home

  1. Wayne says:

    Interesting…I had never seen a Japanese cucumber before.

    • Maggie says:

      They’re kinda prickly so I peel them. But, they are mild. I like a good lemon cucumber, but it is so easy for that variety to get a bit bitter. Not so the Japanese, the plant can wilt in the 100+ heat, pop back and continue to produce delectable cucumbers.

  2. Keetha says:

    What a lovely rustic retreat!

  3. BLOGitse says:

    What a place to visit! Garden of treasures…
    You must feel very healthy eating all those beautiful veggies – ‘made by you’! 🙂

  4. I love all the fun and inviting places to relax!

  5. I was going to rave about how wonderful it would be to spend the day sitting in the shade of a majestic tree in a beautiful garden, that was until I saw all the delicious produce you have grown. Now I am picturing myself devouring the tomatoes and cucumbers straight from the plant. YUM!

  6. unknownmami says:

    I would love to sit in one of those lovely shaded spots. Such a lovely place and I love the funky sculptures.

  7. So pretty! I just want to pull up a chair and sit a while.

    • Maggie says:

      I know – they had guests coming in later in the afternoon, otherwise I’d certainly have reelaxed in one of those great chairs enjoying the garden.

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