Summer Squash Patties

Given that I’ve been buried alive in summer squash, I’ve become very adept at finding the best recipes to utilize it. Other than breads and cakes, squash patties are one of my favorite ways to cook them up. You can find all sorts of variations including substitutions for the plain breadcrumbs with panko or herbed breadcrumbs. I tend to use plain simply because I can toss leftover bread into the Cuisinart and then freeze plain breadcrumbs to have on hand. Like potato patties – use them for brunch or dinner – with ketchup or applesauce – versatility is the word here.

Although the basic recipe doesn’t call for it, I take the pan I’ll be frying the patties in and first sauté the onion, peppers and anything else (think shredded carrot, bits of broccoli) I might want to toss in. I also melt that 2 tablespoons of butter that brings just the right amount of richness to the mix. Scrape it into the pattie mix; re-oil the pan and away you go. This recipe is very adaptable. My neighbor likes to make it using half potato and half summer squash. She tells her hubby that they’re potato pancakes and avoids any funny looks she’d get if she admitted they were squash.

Summer squash patties


2 ½ cups grated Summer squash

2 eggs, beaten

2 tablespoons butter, melted

1 cup bread crumbs (a dash of salt and pepper if you use plain breadcrumbs as I do)

 1/4 cup minced onion – raw or sautéed, your call

Optional 1/4 cup minced pepper

*for mock crab cakes add 1 tsp Old Bay Seasoning


In a large bowl, combine grated Summer squash and breadcrumbs. Toss with a fork to break up any clumps. Add eggs, salt and pepper and mix again. Then stir in your sautéed onion, peppers and melted butter  and mix well. Shape into patties – most times I just grab my large ice cream scoop, scoop a tightly packed bit of mix (use the side of the bowl to help pack into your scoop) and then flatten it in the pan with the spatula, tapping around the sides to give it a more solid edge. Fry patties until golden brown on both sides.

You can tell from the bits that I use butter, not oil, in the pan.

I’ve gotten cavalier with this recipe and just eyeball squash to breadcrumbs and sautéed veggies. Too many veggies will be tasty, but the patties will break when flipping them over. You can simply sauté the mixture as if you are making hash browns if you want to add more sautéed veggies than the recipe calls for.

Above is the last batch I’d dropped off to our Senior Center – Sunburst yellow squash, Zapollo Italian white pattypan, a few Horns Of Plenty and these strange looking Italian Tromboncino Zuchetta.  The Tromboncino remain tender when harvested up to 3 feet long (they will grow more than six – Territorial seed Tromboncino Info ).

Now that I have a season of growing this Italian Trombocino Zuchetta under my belt, I understand why one gardener had written that he was getting an old swing set and covering it with fencing wire to use as a trellis for his squash. I’m still so very enamored of it. It’s pretty, takes off and is the very definition of prolific – very resistant to squash vine borer for folks who have that problem. It has many aliases, depending on the seller – Climbing Zucchini Tromboncino, Trombocino, Zucchetta, Zucchino or Zucca Rampicante, Italian Trombone Squash, Cucurbita moschata ‘Tromba d’Albenga’. Some seed sold has a more pronounced bulbous end with thinner neck – not my preference. As only the bulbous end has any seed, the bigger neck variety is a more versatile vegetable.  Seeing the Cooks Garden photo, I’ve decided finding the right summer squash soup is next up: Cooks Garden Tromboncino.

This post is participating in the global  Sundays in My City at Unknown Mami – some of the folks go out and about and do things other than garden or cook  and take fantastic photos (ok, I do go out and about as well but haven’t been dragging the camera along enough).

Californians – Murphys Dis de los Muertos is November 3 & 4 – if you can’t book a place in town, Angels Camp is just 9 miles/10 minutes down the highway.

Apologies to those who got this in email with no pictures – I was a tad to quick on the “publish” key.

6 comments on “Summer Squash Patties

  1. Keetha says:

    I LOVE the yellow crook neck summer squash. While I lived in the south I fell IN LOVE with a squash casserole that had many of your same ingredients in it – – – the other that you don’t mention was CHEDDAR CHEESE. Oh my goodness. I could eat that casserole all day long.

    I guess it’s the Wisconsin in me that makes me thing everything is better with cheese.


    • Maggie says:

      I think that might be the same recipe my neighbor from Texas tells me she uses when I gift her squash. It’s not just Wisconsin – I’m also a fan of everything’s better with cheese.

  2. BLOGitse says:

    What a harvest of….snakes! 🙂 Zucchini snakes! When they lie like that – it looks like a nest of snakes….
    Happy Tuesday!

    • Maggie says:

      Yes, I’d been debating letting a few get hard and decorating with them – but they’re just so darn tasty, haven’t been able to bring myself to paint a few.

  3. unknownmami says:

    I am SO into those patties!

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