2013 Creative Pay it Forward

FP forward

Fun way to start the New Year – it’s moving around in Murphys, Mendocino, Missouri, Ireland, Pleasant Hill and New York just from the folks I know. I’m keeping it to Facebook commenters only (someone might find the blog post two years from now and be “please let me in”, ok to friend now and join the fun if you’re so inclined, spots still open).

Toying with what to make the folks (I’m already committed to this on two Facebook accounts = 10 gifts). I have a locked family / high school/college friends who know family FB account (nieces say things like “it’s 2am and I’m bored and alone in the computer lab” in a big city, sigh) and a more open one that I share with others who craft or are from my lovely little new town.  On the family  one, they didn’t get the concept – it’s become a swap with everyone jumping right on each other’s posts – that “pay it forward” may not get beyond a handful of folks.  On this account, I still have a few slots open 🙂 . See the comments – there’s a Facebook page for the event, think of it as spreading a bit of joy throughout the year.

Dreary, rainy Sunday in California – perfect for the sad goodbyes to my December friends. They always make me smile, sometimes I hate packing them away. Although, once finished the place does always look so fresh.



Bins of stuff

Dare I admit that you can’t even see all the boxes and bins in this photo? C’mon, I know I’m not the only one. And, can someone explain why everything never fits back in the bins but seems to expand on unpacking?

Be sure to check out my friends’ posts at Sundays in My City at Unknown Mami. (and if this post “looks” different it’s because WordPress thought it would be fun to completely change how we write and upload posts and pictures – I’m so not a fan of the changes ….).

5 comments on “2013 Creative Pay it Forward

  1. Tara R. says:

    Your Christmas decoration storage looks like mine. My hallway is crammed with boxes and bins waiting to be carried to the attic until next year.

    • Maggie says:

      Hi Folks – Adam has linked us to a Facebook page for the Facebook Creative Pay it Forward Event. If you’re participating (hey you photographers, print a photo that the recipient can frame or make notecards) you can post the gifts you make on this page, if you’re so inclined, for all the global participants to see.

  2. unknownmami says:

    Things never pack up as well. It’s so true. I’m not a fan of changes either until I get used to the change and then they go and change it again.

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