Over the Mountains and through the woods…

New Melones Resevoir from Parrot's Ferry Bridge

I believe I’ve mentioned that many trips – the dentist, doctor, shopping, or meetings – require a beautiful jaunt “over the mountains and through the woods” to get to the town of Sonora. It’s becoming the area superstore mecca boasting a Lowes, Walmart, Kohls, JoAnn, Orchard, Ross, TJMaxx, Staples and more.  Murphys’ family owned stores (shop local!) provide the majority of what we need, but for things like specific HP Printer ink or one inch binder clips – a trek to Staples is called for. About 20 miles and 40 or so minutes of curvy roads and stunning scenery comprise the trip. I finally remembered to drag my camera along when bounding out to make my dentist appointment.

Parrot's Ferry Bridge from Columbia side

The Parrot’s Ferry Bridge takes me across the upper reaches of New Melones Resevoir (a~ 20 square mile manmade lake built by the U.S. Bureau of Water Reclamation with the installation of the New Melones Dam; extensive hiking paths, camping and recreational activities available).

New Melones Resevoir

Growing up on an ocean, I’d call these watermarks tide lines.

Parrots Ferry Bridge across New Melones

This shot and the opening shot were both taken from the same spot, same time – amazing how looking into clouds and the sun given a whole different feel to the day. (All shots were the same return trip, didn’t touch up the opening shot at all, added some saturation to the one above as it was a bit washed out from the sun).

 Sunset, Murphys CA

As impressive as the trip is, I’m always so happy to relax back at home with a view of sunset from the back deck. (Above shot is also “straight from the camera” – completely nature’s colors).

This post is participating in Unknown Mami’s Sundays in My City.

9 comments on “Over the Mountains and through the woods…

  1. Keetha says:

    Wow, views like that make it a lot more FUN going to the dentist!

    I think my two faves are the top one of the river snaking its way through the valley and the last, your own view at home. Your’s MUST be better than mine of the airport runways, but with that row of pines and the sun setting, I can ALMOST imagine we share a very similar view at sunset!!

  2. Keetha says:

    PS – perhaps you could have time to e-mail me an explanation of your blog title. All this time we’ve “played” these memes together and commented back and forth, I’ve wondered about it. I’m SURE I SHOULD get it on my own, but you do know who you’re dealing with over here, don’t you?

    PPSS – If you don’t know what I meant about your sunset view and mine being similar, you can see mine as the last photo of my most recent Friday Frag post.

    • Maggie says:

      Hi Keetha – I’ll explain here and email. Ceo (kyoh) a’s Draiocht (dree-uhkht) is Gaelic for mists and enchantment. It’s a phrase found in one of Ireland’s famous poet’s works – Raftery’s Brighdin Beausaidh. My dad was born in Ireland and nana spoke gaelic (some bub at a coffee shop corrected me – they call it Irish – well, many do now but growing up we were told nana spoke Gaelic, pppffffffffftttttt). Mom’s family is basically one generation removed (great grandfolks from Scotland and Ireland mostly, with a wee 2% of Portugese somewhere). So, I have this Celtic thing going on. When I first got this house, I thought about “naming” it (still do).When the fog’s in and around the mountains it seems magical, so ceo a’s draiocht was one choice. It became my “internet” home name. Draiocht in the poem is translated as enchantment (which I went for) although it is also used for Druid or magic. (Not a Druid although I do love nature).

  3. Mrs4444 says:

    wow. Looks like heaven! 🙂

  4. Hello fellow Californian!

    Popped in from Sundays in my City.


  5. Dorothy says:

    I am uber jealous right now! It’s a bit of a conundrum, I dislike cold and snow but love the mountains. I live in the “Low Lands” and we barely have hills here. Your photos are stunningly beautiful!

  6. unknownmami says:

    So glad you brought your camera along this time. Ridiculously beautiful scenery.

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