Make a difference – Show Support for Boston

Show your support for Boston – consider donating to one of the Charity teams that ran the marathon. The bomb went off late in the race when those running for their causes were crossing the finish line. Crowdwise has the teams and legitimate online donation capability (it is slow today and was last eve).  If everyone gives even a little, the show of support will be monumental.

If you prefer a specific story – Suzie has been in greuling training for the race and learning to run for her daughter as part of the Spaulding Rehab Hospital Team. Her daughter, who lost her leg in a horrific car accident, was at the finish line and witness to others losing their limbs and the terror of the day. With the city in lockdown and cell towers shut down for fear of more bombs that could be cell activated, she had to hike for miles on her prosthetic leg to get out of the city and to an area where she could get news about her runner mom and others. You can donate to Spaulding Rehab Hospital in their name and read their story here (many folks even doing $5 or $10 can make a difference):


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