Machine Embroidery Madness

When it comes to crafting, I am a schizophrenic with ADD. I appear to labor under the delusion that I am not lil old me – no I’m SUPERWOMAN who can craft endless projects in a single effortless bound. And the later – well “oh, I can make this”, “I can make that”, “so & so would love XYZ”, then “this could match it”. Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook, Yahoo Groups – the project ideas and suggestions just keep rolling in. And onto the pile of best intentions crammed into plastic bins these projects go. Yes, I’ve been making some progress lately – you know why? It’s summer, people go on vacation in summer, much of what I do for work is focused to when all of the hoards can be available. The “year end close” time leading up to Christmas – my Achilles heel season for purchasing and planning projects that never get done – is often overtime and cramming. So, I’m finally getting smart (it takes awhile, k?) and making things for people I want to create for now.

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This set – “Cocktail Coasters”™ snack mats, mug rugs – is for sis and her hubby (there are two of the beer ones, she loves fairies so can smile at hers with morning coffee while he gets the gryphon in that set). Designs are from Urban Threads and Embroidery Library; the machine embroidered ITH “in the hoop” quilted mat is from Five Star Fonts.

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