Monogrammed and Embroidered Boat Totes

Still cranking out gifts (actually, I’m in push mode to validate an expense I made for embroidery software, but we’ll pretend it’s all about the gifts).


The Boat Totes are from Quality Promos Plus (QPP on eBay) and I’m pretty happy with them. Contact him if you can do at least a dozen or so of and not meet his published lot amount – depending on the item, he may be able to work something out. With a large family and lots of friends, I bought a dozen (nope, I don’t make items to sell). These are 24 oz canvas (the same weight as the LLBean Boat Totes). In the craft stores you might get 8oz, online 12 or 16oz – these are the super hefty. The inside seams are nicely covered in twill tape and all outside stitching is straight – looking gorgeous. I had two very small issues on 2 bags (see last two photos of set below) – one, the seam barely missed the black and one pocket’s hem had a few threads poking out. I didn’t contact him or return those, simply used some fabric glue to fix them.

The Calla Lily design is from Embroidery Library and the monograms are RHI font from 8 Claws and a Paw. In the photo with the machine, you can see I drew lines on my stabilizer to be sure I didn’t knock anything off center when loading it in to be embroidered. It made it easy to check for perfect horizontal, which I figured out was necessary after I had one ever so slightly tilted. As the fit was tight, a basting stitch also lets me be sure I’m lined up correctly. I stitched each letter of the monogram twice for better coverage and I did float some water soluble stabilizer on top (WSS). The bags are turned inside out, the side you’re stitching on is pinned to the hoop (checkout that photo with the machine showing). For hints and tips, here’s Embroidery Library’s Embroidering on Canvas.

If you’re here in Calaveras County and want something embroidered, I hear Lucky at Bandera does beautiful work.

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