Valentine Mug Rugs

I have been diligently stitching, gardening, baking, cooking, snapping photos of sunsets and voraciously reading over the past few months although you would not know it when stopping by the blog.

Let’s see if I can catch up a tad.

I’d gotten into the habit of decorating for various holidays when my nieces and nephews were younger and my neighbors with young kids would stop by.  Although I have substantially fewer neighbors,  a bit seasonal decorating makes me smile –  so I keep it up.

Here are in progress valentines day mug rugs a.k.a. snack mats a.k.a. cocktail coasters.

Mug Rug Machine Embroidered

A free heart embroidery from Kreations by Kara graces the first one. I LOVE this heart – it stitches so fast. and easily The little fabric squares on the right aren’t really “square” which threw things off a bit. I also pieced it outside of the hoop and stitched it in the evening after work – not my best time – everything is just a tad off spacing wise, but I’m ok with it. I did make a note to self to do all piecing in the hoop in future.
KBK mug rug

The mats match an existing apron (Makower UK piece of fabric I’d gotten ages ago) and table runner (thus the two reds and not square fabric squares).
Makower UK fabric apron

Some folks are fussy about backs of things – not me. I hooped muslin as the mat back, then cutaway stabilizer (to make the mats stiff, the corners and sides stay flat), batting (aka Warm N Natural – a thin batting) and my pieced cotton top without the binding strips. I add the binding as a stitch and flip at the end ITH (in the hoop). This binding will be stitched by hand to the back. The main thing is to use a 90 needle as with all those layers you’d have shredding thread if you don’t. My machine can handle all these layers – I understand some cannot. Here are the muslim backs so you can see what’s done ITH.
mat backs

San Francisco’s Stitch has a bon bon bash that’s a very active in their Yahoo group. Folks are downloading the candy designs and stitching them up in all different wonderful combinations of colors and fabrics. This mat has their designs.

SFStitch bon bon mat

Urban threads is one of my favorite machine embroidery design purveyors. . The next two mats feature their designs. The “heartwood” makes me smile. 

UT heartwood mat

The daydream love heart is lovely, but I was a tad careless on spacing here, so this will be the one I use with coffee.
UT Heart mat wip

Now let’s see if I can get off the laptop and get these things finished 🙂

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