Sunset Hues

Sunset AA
Welcomed cloud cover has dropped the temps a few degrees, which is always a relief in our dry mountain summers. Of course, Murphy’s Law was in play– friends were scheduled to visit last weekend, but with the temperature targeted to easily pass triple digits plus for last Friday and Saturday, we all agreed another weekend would be better for puttering about shops and tasting wine. Work week and no guests scheduled, the clouds have exuberantly rolled in providing spectacular sunsets.
Sunset BB
Enjoy! The glow of sunset always feels as though the universe is trying to break through and say hello – I love it.
Sunset dd
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6 comments on “Sunset Hues

  1. BLOGitse says:

    Beautiful glows!
    We have first cloudy morning for weeks…
    Last night there was a supermoon but I was too lazy to go out…
    Have a good week ahead!

  2. Maggie says:

    Supermoon here is interfering with the Persieds show. Best hours are 2 to 3am, not sure I’ll even try as a busy week with work. I’ll get to wish on a few shooting stars in the evenings and that will have to do 🙂

  3. Vidya Sury says:

    Lovely! Sunsets are so mesmerizing! I get to watch the sunset from my roof as I walk there every evening, Maggie!

  4. bettyl - NZ says:

    How wonderful to see! I am always looking up for great beauty.

  5. Molly says:

    Stunning shots, like ripples of colour across the sky


  6. unknownmami says:

    Very beautiful. The colors are so amazing together.

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