Playing in Embroidery

Zuill Badbird

Had some fun playing with my TruEmbroidery digitizing software to create my own (single use not for sale) design of a Badbird hand embroidery pattern (legally obtained, sorry for all the quid pro quos but many folks think they can grab an image from the web that doesn’t belong to them and digitize it – no no!). Andrea Zuill has fun original images and sells her imagery on Etsy (I’ve told her she should get someone – not me – to digitize her stuff so she could sell her images as embroidery designs – I’m sure they’d sell like hotcakes).

I started in auto create and cleaned it up – and just for me it was easier to stitch and trim than correct the myriad of trim and overlapping jumps the program auto digitized into it. A good digitizer who is selling designs would work in the program to clean it all up for you. But, it’s faster to have a scissors and tweezer in hand then to completely fix it if you’re only stitching something once or twice. I love that it is rough with texture, tried some other line designs and set everything to the same stitch – they’re nice with a flatter look (if you’re using crayons or fabric painting – that can be a good thing).

Checkbook front

For the checkbook cover, I edited (again my personal use copy) a Five Star Fonts checkbook design. And, again, rough looking ok – I’d just edited < cut > the stipple design where I didn’t want it but could have flipped it to have rounded closed edges at the center of the design and the edges with simply stopped lines off the design and therefor hidden in seams. Will do that if I’m tackling something neat. Really pleased with both. 🙂

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