Finishing a Few Gifts

Owl hoodie

This is actually soooo cute as it’s on a 12 month hoodie. The lil guy’s parents are into a concert venue that has an owl (EDC) as its thing. A blue owl was the feature at the last event although their ad material often goes multi-colors. Living in the mountains, I put owl designs on a lot for my use here and have just about every owl design any digitizer has ever offered 🙂 . I am so set to stitch up a million items for this little one if the owl thing stays in vogue with mom and dad!

Mom done

Mom’s stocking also finished up quite nicely. I’ve been putting the tabs on the outside seam as they hang better that way (they hang longer empty and some seam inserts of the tab hang off kilter).

Charlie C

Added a C to the front of Charlie’s hoodie, wish it was a tad closer to the zipper but I think it will look fine on. One of those, the facing for the zipper is a bit wide and I didn’t want to stitch onto it (the C would’ve come out loopy going over two seams of sweatshirt material). I’ll get the mom to send me a pic on and see if I need to fuss a bit more and move designs over for the next one.

Babies are so fun to stitch for. I have another hoodie in the works and want to get to a few stuffies, although I worry that everyone and their brother gifts moms with stuffed toys – probably the one thing in the world they don’t need more of!