Buttery Scones

Buttery Cream Scones

A relatively new favorite recipe is Cream Scones with Currants from The Feed at America’s Test Kitchen. This recipe yields flat out delicious flaky, buttery scones. I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fan of what I call sugary muffins masquerading as a scone. These cream scones are the real thing.

Made them up for the first time this past Christmas and have indulged myself a few times since. What you see on the cookie sheet is a double batch. They freeze well, especially if you’re a fan of vacuum sealers like the Foodsaver.

If you’re using a food processor, they mix up quickly. America’s Test Kitchen always lays out clear instructions (pulse 6 times .. ) and this recipe is no different. They have additional picture instructions here: The Feed secrets of cream scones but, I find it just as easy to pat them in a circle and cut as use the press in the pan method.

The Recipe: The Feed: Cream Scones with currants is free to view and save if you create a free sign in id. I highly recommend that you give these scones a try. Flour, butter, cream and a few other ingredients yield a delectable treat. Time to put on a pot of tea and nab another one 🙂 



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