Easy Crochet Market Bag

Rainy day so I decided to just crochet a quick project. California has banned all free bags at checkout and I’m a thrifty sort. Had been carrying my own green bags before the ban and always have an assortment in the car (unpack, put the bag on the doorknob leading to garage, put it in the car on the next trip to garage). However, being home to too many cats, some plastic bags are necessary for basic cleanup of the indoor cat owner’s bane – the litter box. So, I’d been on a ‘sometimes use my green bags, sometimes take their bags’ pattern until the ban. Once you get your habits down, the bag ban is easy to adjust to and you can train yourself to never purchase a bag again. At the same time, you can never have too many market bags as it seems some don’t always make their way back to the car.

I enjoy Ravelry, a free online knitting and crochet community. People post photos of their stitch outs and comment on patterns (some bag patterns that are just chain stitch stretch out too much, some patterns turn out huge or too small or aren’t easy to follow and some get high marks). There are many free knit and crochet patterns on this site for basically anything you can think of that you might want to make. After looking through the reviews and others’ stitch outs, I chose the Crochet Market Bag by Tiffany Roan.

The pattern is easy to follow. I made a few notes on my project page. Now, to just go work up a few more.

IMG_1862 (2)

For those who follow my blog, I am sorry for the absence. We all know that every living creature is born, will live and then the sun will set on them one last time and they will die. Unfortunately, there’d been a bit too much of that latter part in my life over the past year. I have continued to make things, grow things, bake and read voraciously. Just hadn’t taken that extra step to share here. Let’s see if I can get back into the swing of things.

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