Houston, we have a problem ….

To my Blogger and Blogspot buds – WordPress users are having trouble leaving comments on your blog. WP says it’s a problem on your end, and one support comment was to “try contacting Blogger”. Other support mention looking into it, but we’ve had this issue almost a month. Posting the screen capture of some reports on WP side. Openid and WordPress Credentials worked fine for validating us to leave comments on your wonderful posts, but no longer do. We can comment if you have name/url enabled and Disquis works as well. More on this at WordPress: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/search.php?q=openid.

One person (travelswithmymotorbike Member Feb 8, 2012, 3:50 AM) did write:

Hi Macmanx,

Been in touch with my friend the blog owner by old fashioned e-mail lol…He says its not just me having problems, Google have recently changed lots of things in blogger and altered lots of settings etc, he has now alerted his blogger blog settings to get rid of open ID and that password captch thing….So I can now comment again on his blog!!

Thank you very much for your help in this, it looks as though Google have broken open ID with their new updates…….”If it aint broke,then don’t fix it” springs to mind lol..



Woot! Woot! WordPress – got the designer emailing with me now – Saturday of long weekend – Thank You!! Could it be the work computer (Fortune top10 or 15, Big company) has an old version of Internet Explorer??  If you see the ugly version of the theme header – you too might need an update. Crossing my fingers that’s it.

Quintas WP Theme Slowing down the Blog Update

UPDATE: Obviously, the theme looks wonderful to those of you stopping by. Issues (were with Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Vista) have been resolved thanks to a very responsive WordPress staff. Leaving the post as although I had problems – you can see on the bottom pic how easy the header customization theme is and know that WordPress is responsive.

 The best laid plans  ….. My high hopes of narrowing down the blog theme update appear dashed on the rocks for now. Had settled on WordPress Quintas by Automattic, but simply cannot figure out the error I’m getting. When I open my site on my home computer (that logs me in as the owner through WordPress), this is what I see:


When I use the same blog URL on my work computer, but not logged in to WP, this is what I see:


I’d sent an e-mail and Twitter to the designer and also an e-mail to WordPress support yesterday. Wish me luck! Unfortunately when a new theme is first offered an active comments field is open on that post and for mine it just closed a week ago. Right now looking like everyone’s off for the weekend.

 Since WordPress advertises that they have multiple servers, I decided not to worry about it thinking perhaps the changes had to be populated out overnight. But here it is midday Saturday and the error is still active – looking oh so perfect from my logged in home computer and an ugly mess from the other one (same operating system on both but different connections – I have two satellite c arriers). Just adding this last photo so I can send the designer and support to the blog. If you don’t mind, comment and let me know if you see the good header or the header with ceo a’s draiocht splatted  in the middle in ugly black type.

The scary part is I like to change the blog image to snow for winter – will I run into this again for days? But, I want this theme now that I’d finally made up my mind. ggrrr, more grinding of teeth.

Fragmented thoughts on Friday, Blogging

This blog is on WordPress and I’m actually a huge fan. It’s incredible to me what you can for free on this platform. I choose to pay just under $30 a year to have my blog ad free and don’t pay the very small fee to have my name be ceodraiocht.com instead of ceodraiocht.WordPress.com. Doesn’t bother me as I’m not selling or trying to become a media star. The problem is every couple of weeks they e-mail a notice with a new blog theme (look and feel) they’ve added. Those of us who like creating, pictures, imagery and color could simply spend our days trying out new themes, new blog headers, new color combinations and never get around to updating a post. I’ve allowed myself to get sucked into this mode this week.

Now here’s the “isn’t that always the way?” kicker. Over on Facebook another blogger was lamenting she might have to give up blogging because it was costing her so much money. I helpfully jumped in and suggested she try out WordPress. If you can maneuver Facebook, you can have a blog using the easy free themes. But, I was in the middle of my “let’s try out a different theme” mode and anyone who stopped by my blog in the last few days would’ve gotten a gander of an unprofessional looking space. I thought “Pink Touch 2” (not pink) was the one for me and converted. But, preview is a slightly smaller screen and once my blog was up I wasn’t as enamored and the whole real-time fussing began. One of the very few downsides with the free blog is that you cannot off-line edit when you change your template. There is a preview capability – you can go through the 135 themes offered and click preview to see your header, posts and color scheme imported to that theme. Depending on the column width, the text and photograph wrapping could be horridly off when you apply that theme. Your beautiful header image might have your blog name smack dab in the middle in a font color that’s jarring. There could be no search widget or capability to follow the blog. Each of these can be easily fixed, but you’re doing every change one at a time in real time. Folks who stop by while you’re in the middle of editing could possibly swear off your blog forever. With the “isn’t that always the way?” kicker, I’d also linked my blog to a popular crafting magazine and I’m guessing folks who popped over from there got an ugly
view as well.

I’m not done yet. Was fussing about until 3 AM last night, 2 AM the eve before and still have a list of eight themes that are quite doable, just require a bit of fussing on my part. The 3am shows in that I thought I left this on 2 column – but as I type this, it’s one.

Why change? Well, love the 2010 theme and all of its features with the exception of positively hating its formatting of the side columns. The dark boxes for bullets were too big and the times font looks so wrong there. Not sure why, but quite a few of their designers mix fonts on one
theme. With 2011, the boxes are a bit smaller and it’s a sans serif font. Do wonder they’re pushing you to buy the font upgrade as on so many it’s just a tad off. The themes  designed this year offer even more features for easy iPhone viewing and a couple come with lovely widgets for following in Facebook, Twitter and so forth. Some of the previous themes are hardwired to show only RSS for posts or comments up in their header, a dead giveaway they’re not current.

What WordPress says about 2011:

Options: Widgets | Menus | Theme Options | Background | Header | Custom Design | iPad | Extras

Tags: dark, light, white, black, gray, one-column,
two-columns, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, fixed-width, flexible-width,
custom-background, custom-colors, custom-header, custom-menu, editor-style,
featured-image-header, featured-images, full-width-template, microformats,
post-formats, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, theme-options,
translation-ready, blog, bright, clean, contemporary, elegant, minimal, modern,
photography, simple, tumblelog.

When viewing themes, you can search on any tag. I like to search on new, because I found Misty Look, liked it, but it was designed in 2007 and I want more current features. Generally, I search on ‘custom header’ as that feature, more than any other, allows you to have a blog that doesn’t look like you’ve adopted a cookie-cutter.

Mrs. 4444s holds a blog party on Fridays she calls Fragmented Friday. You put together all those assorted thoughts that aren’t worthy of their own post, plunk them together and link it up. I’ve occasionally composed these posts with perhaps not explaining why the Friday post is so disjointed. Now you know. Of course, today – one topic – not so fragmented, but you stand forewarned. Generally this blog is focused on creating – crafts or food, my town or books. I try to avoid opinion posts, but for a little while I’ll try out fragmented Friday. I’m off to continue to fuss with the blog (unfortunately, playing with the design is something I love doing – it’s hard to stop). If you stop by and things are visually amiss (egads like now – just found out the post “paste in from Word doesn’t work as well in 2011 as it did in the 2010 theme…), just give me a few days. Hopefully it’ll be set soon.

Work in Progress

In the middle of redesigning the blog – looking for a cleaner style. Although the “preview” new theme function showed transition of many of my blog’s features – the “activate” function didn’t bring them over. So, I’ll be resetting each one. If you host a blog party – the party links widget has disappeared but is coming back. Let me know what you think of this new, more “spartan” style (photo header and background color coming up).

.. editing this as I’ve gone back to my original theme after hours of browsing, uploading different themes and images and hating just one thing about them. One thing WordPress designers do a lot is mix fonts on a blog (for $30 I can get a font upgrade which I’d hope would let me fix every single word that displays – but I’m not sure). The  mixed fonts really give the blog a messy look – don’t know why any designer would put their name on a theme with them. The garden variety “idiot proof” blog template means I can’t change the categories fonts – you get the title in one and the subcategories in another (ick).

Still browsing other themes – so we’ll see if I can find a better one.

Drastic times

Drastic times …

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Actually, looking it up it turns out the saying is “Desperate times call for desperate measures” (still works for me). Originally, the proverb was “Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies” taken from Latin– the most apropos. So, why this useless bit of information?

Computer problems. Dum dum dum.  Diseases, viruses, black screens, freezing, just not doing a damn thing – arrrrgghh. First you should know I’m not computer illiterate. I have and run computer backup files, special Internet safety, re-create capabilities and so forth. I also have a pretty current little laptop with lots of storage. However, given that I tend to be busy and work with computers daily – I generally don’t read all the instructions for my “personal space” items. Pop in the disc, hit agree with license, next, next, next, be done. There is the gotcha. Not everything is as idiot proof as we think in this day and age. Who knew that although I have regular file backup capability, creating a complete rewrite recovery point is something that is not automatic and should be done, I now know, with much more frequency. I always thought folks whose computer “crashed” had older “not major vendor” machines and randomly opened files from people they didn’t know. I was wrong.

My mountain computer repair place informed me that fixing anything generally takes about three days (after a preview $$ & few day hold where they determine what might be wrong) – they can push it for a rush fee but they don’t guarantee return earlier. They close on Saturday and Sunday, those days aren’t counted. Say it with me – arrrggghhh.

So, with a recovery point of about one year ago (didn’t I just do that? I was sure it was only a few months ago…), I opted for my doing the complete rewrite in case it was some dastardly issue worming its way through everything on my disk. I was lucky in that I could get the machine to startup from the recovery disk. The laptop is alive again, but it turns out, I did a lot in that year. More than I realized when I opted for the rewrite. A lot. Sigh…

So, you haven’t seen me blogging lately and my near term personal computing time is now taken up with downloading (things like mucho embroidery design purchases, Kindle for pc was easy- quick nod to Amazon), all those ‘automatic’ program updates, rewriting, going through the pictures external drive for things I meant to blog about that were in nice little folders on the laptop, trying to recreate the landscape plans Excel and Word docs from printed copies. I’ll let myself forget all the recipes, crafts and bloggers I had flagged – perhaps I’ll stumble across them again.

But, I did find pictures from a year ago that I hadn’t yet shared – so here goes. Something a little fun, more upbeat for crafters and my blog post – a creation: Hummingbirds embroidery design from Embroidery Designs.com done up in my home colors:

Sulky 40 weight embroidery thread, tear away stabilizer on the back, wash away on top – Costco Martex towels. For complete tutorials, just click on Embroidery Library’s project page – they do a great job so I won’t recreate the details here.

If you don’t know – you can check your own “recovery point” in Microsoft, Norton or HP (key in “recovery” to your laptop/computer search and see what you get. It’s different than your file backup).

This post is participating in the parties linked below. My Sunday morning is again, a/c on, computer on, coffee and away we go. Trying to post this I get: “your browser is out of date blah blah blah please update your browser.” Say it with me again, arrrrgggghhhh!