Murphys Law

Of course, no sooner than I had posted about our warm weather – a blustery system moved in.

You can see the sleet hitting the railing as the Anna hummingbird fuels under the overhang. The black chinned hummers are still chasing them from the feeders; but the Anna’s are less skittish around me and feed when I’m there and the black chinned take to the wind.

Our Western scrub Jay was out and about;

But just sat out in the elements as the rain came down.

The rain, though welcomed, was short-lived.

Although the clouds gave me something to play with in capturing sunsets.

We’ve been back to brilliant sunshine in all its splendor with that brief storm the exception, rather than the rule, in this unseasonably warm winter. My dwarf snapdragon has continued to thrive in the protection of the porch.

For those of you who’ve been considering a jaunt out to the Sierra’s – Murphys Irish Days is coming right up and it’s one of our more lively events. Ironstone is hosting their “Daffodil Days” the same weekend (March 17th), so time to make your reservations.

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