In Progress Christmas Stocking

In Progress Stocking Charlie
Just sharing a few quick pics of an in progress Christmas stocking.

In progress Stocking UT
Cthulhu by Urban Threads, fleece stocking with cotton band for the cuff, cut away stabilizer. My registration of the outline is a tad off – did use the heavy stabilizer and spray adhesive, plus a basting stitch around the design. UT is great, I had re-sized it a tad bigger and that must’ve thrown it off somehow (blame it on the editing software 🙂 ). I’ll probably leave it “as is”.

In progress Stocking Name

Rockford font by Meringue Designs. Will trim that bit of thread between the i and its dot.

In Progress with Ric Rac

The fleece is heavy enough that I may not line these. Using the Serger for the inside seams should give them a nice clean finish. Got a handful more to get to, so back to the sewing machine I go!