Murphys Irish Day

Murphys Irish Days 1

Given it is April and my last post says “Is it March already? – I guess you can tell it’s been a busy few months! Murphys Irish Days is always happening here and this year was no different. Often the audience is more dressed up than some of those in the parade. The Girl Scouts were out with their cookies, two roller derby teams (which I’d not seen before) skated by, Ken dragged out his kilt as he does each year, my faves the Bernese Mountain dogs were all dressed up (but hard to shoot as kids love walking alongside and around that group), the army jeeps were dousing the crowd with water from their mounted “guns” and the grocery store showed up with a gigantic (and noisy) hot rod cart. Thank you as always to our diligent “pooper scooper” group that does their best given the proliferation of well fed horses in the parade! Murphys Irish Days 2 Murphys Irish Days 3 Murphys Irish Days 4 IMG_6654 Murphys Irish Days

Murphys Irish Days 9

Ken and Denise Murphys Irish Days

Murphys Irish Days 10

Murphys Irish Days 11

Murphys Irish Days 12

Murphys Irish Days 13

Murphys Irish Days 14

Murphys Irish Days 15

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Murphys Irish Days 16

Murphys Irish Days 17

Murphys Irish Days 17

Murphys Irish Days 18

Murphys Irish Days 18

Murphys Irish Days 19

It was a beautiful day and we were packed to the edges of town.

Murphys Irish Days 20 

Love the taps on the sneakers for one of the dancing groups!

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Almost, but not quite, Spring

Finally, a real snow storm this weekend! A few days short of spring and this is the first snow I’ve had stick here at my little mountain home.

When I was out quickly snapping these shots (company – so no fussing about with settings etc) the snow on a length of telephone wire fell – FFFWWWWUUUUUUUMMMPP. Very loud, I’d forgotten how loud the sound of falling snow can be.

This is the first dusting of snow in the back, always such a cozy view when embraced by the darkening storm.

My sadly stressed internet connection (satellite) – hmmn, why isn’t Maggie posting yet? Although AT&T is constantly working their poles here, no Uverse, no internet worthy cable. It’s satellite or dial on the mountain side.


Murphys Irish Days – the Pringles sized (read huge, and I’m quoting a friend) snowflakes amused everyone – at one point I think from the right angle you’d have captured at least ten folks shooting the snow from their phones. The storm lessened the crowds for Irish days somewhat – but those who ventured down stuck it out and had a great time (you could pop in or out of a winery for a taste or some warm mulled wine to keep you toasty, hot cocoa was offered every few blocks). The booths stayed open until almost the end of the show time as the crowds stayed – we were all so amused and happy with our snow. The Irish days shots are from Kady’s iPhone – mine had memory full and I’d grabbed my camera but not the memory card (ouch!). Waking early to make scratch coffee cake – that we could have before needing to leave for the parade – put a damper on my photo prep.

First crocus this season (pre-storm photo, but the crocus are fine, they adore a bit of snow).

First Narcissus Tete a Tete and Muscari of the season.

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Celtic Bling for a Smile

The project l’m sharing today is one that makes everyone who sees it go awwwwww; a St. Patrick’s Day jacket for a maltipoo. A few things about my family – we have an inordinate number of folks look at a flower, a cat or a dog and sneeze. Allergies, and for some asthma, run throughout the gene pool. The poodle, and certain breeds, do not trigger allergies. Thus, my sister has found she can have her lovable maltipoo while entertaining relatives for whom asthma is a concern. She also likes to occasionally dress up her puppy – so, one of the things I can periodically do for her is provide that sparkle.

We all know some feel the pronounced an urge to dress up in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. If you indulge in a few videos of my local Murphy’s Irish day parade you’ll get an idea. A little jacket for the pup for those walks in early March and attending their parade in Massachusetts was in order.

My sister mailed me her favorite puppy Santa jacket to use as a pattern. I took white tissue and traced the back sides and sleeves of the jacket. Green fleece was cut to these pattern pieces. Next came the embroidery machine. I embroidered the “Erin Go Bark” with fonts available on my machine. Also used it to supply the buttonhole that makes the opening for the leash. Black felt comprises the belt which was attached in gold thread with a decorative stitch from the machine. An embroidered shamrock replaces the belt buckle. She loves the jacket and neighbors stop her and pooch to get a better look whenever there’re out walking.

At last year’s Murphys Irish Days I also picked her up these great dog fairy wings – but alas, although her pup loves jackets and bandanas, these were not for him. If he’d liked them, they’d have brought a smile to everyone she passed while out walking.

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Celtic / St. Patrick’s Day Bling #2

In last week’s post  where I linked vintage images and an apron pattern, I mentioned that Murphy’s Irish days is such a big event that I always have company. We actually have a pretty respectable Celtic Faire in Sonora (their 25th is this weekend) with next weekend Murphys Irish Days. This week I’ll share some of the Celtic bling I like to sprinkle about my home. Although you can also choose to hand embroider, appliqué or fabric paint designs onto your coasters, napkins and towels I’ll be highlighting machine embroidery

If you have a hankering for small town parades, videos of our Irish Days photo stills on YouTube are so much fun to watch: Murphys Irish Days Parade video2 (seeing it you’ll be sure to send wishes our way for a sunny weekend!).

For bling, there’s a special place in my heart for Celtic knotwork design. When I first picked up my embroidery machine, I didn’t realize that I could buy embroidery designs other than from my manufacturer’s recommended site. It’s pricier than many of the other sites, but I remain thrilled with the designs and quality of the Celtic knotwork set I picked up at (the coaster uses one from this set).


For craft suppliers, I’ve mentioned Napkins Online from eBay for hemstitched coasters and napkins, Costco for packs of fluffy white towels, and Embroidery Library for a robust selection of very reasonably priced designs. Embroidery Library’s Jacobean Shamrock is one of my favorites for the season, you see it on a few of the towels. Their  Swirling Shamrocks Corner is the napkins and Shamrock the green towels. You can select Suppliers in Categories on the right of this page to see who I’ve learned to rely on for good quality and pricing. As mentioned before, I’m perfectly happy with Sulky 40 weight embroidery thread that I can pick up on sale at JoAnn. For detailed tutorials on hooping and stabilizer please refer to Embroidery Library’s tutorials.

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Murphys Irish Days and St. Patrick’s Bling post 1

I’m an Irish gal (my dad was born there) living in a town called Murphy’s and our biggest event of the year is Murphy’s Irish days. I can always count on houseful of guests and even a backup crew or two of guests for that weekend (did I mention it’s a really really big deal here?). A little bling to toast the Irish is something that gets use.

One of my holiday bling items is aprons (love to cook and bake, love crafts…). This apron follows the patterns and instructions I’ve shared on Apron Redo and for Halloween here. The fabric, which has the requisite sparkly gold, is from JoAnn and Wrights trim provides the edging. The St. Patrick’s Day postcard vintage, or a different choice, can be downloaded from Vintage holiday for free. It’s printed on a sheet from the package of photo transfer fabric. Follow the instructions on your package of photo transfer fabric. They aren’t all the same. I simply cut it out and stitched it on. I will have to handwash this particular apron to ensure my photo transfer remains in good shape. If you love vintage style aprons, take a peek at this selection from Sur La Table to get some great ideas.


For places to stay and other things to do around Murphys, check out my Murphys page.

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